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"I have tried many times and failed. This is my last try and I hope this time I'll do it wright"

PROJECT ONLINE INCOME is a site oriented on finding and posting the opportunities to earn money on the net for free or with minimal investments, along with blog posts, links to articles and tutorials how to achieve this. Some of the content is from my old blog and other sites I’m running, but I’ll try to be consistent and update this site regularly with the hottest and most useful stuff.
Meanwhile on this site you can find and download some useful stuff, including my first Free ebook report ProjectOnlineIncome2010 on the subject in which I’m sharing my views and experience with online income opportunities back then. Some of the stuff may be obsolete but many still works till update coming at the end of March 2020.

About me

My real name is Stojan, some of my friends call me Cole, and "N" came from the first letter of my family name. That is how ColeN came from. 

An ordinary person sharing his experience & helping others while trying to get a piece of the pie. Interests: WEB, online opportunities, technology, interesting stuff, blogging about... Online since Y2K.

Have worked as an IT administrator and technician for a local company, have freelancing online when between jobs and sometimes after work when having regular job. Being in front of a computer whole day (and night) have its privileges.  

Internet era make many opportunities for people with some computer skills and knowledge. I've decided to grab the chance. Having previous knowledge and skills in graphic design, web technologies, databases and basic programming gives me a head start. From a previous job have acquired skills in hardware and computer repair also. With all this I was ready to start.

Project Online Income started mainly as a blog of mine with the same name that runs on Blogger for a couple of years ago but went offline. Resurrected on wordpress but went offline once again. This is my third try and I hope this time I'll do it wright!

What's inside:

On this site, along with several others, I've put an effort to give a newbie computer users quick guides where to start looking for useful stuff on the internet, start an own site, use their skills and knowledge and monetize that. Most of the stuff are free, so you can start with little or no investment at all. 

Some of the posts are from my previous attempts but more new content will follow soon.

Thank you for visiting this site.