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Wednesday, 15 April 2020

Way to stay organized

What ever you do, you must find a way to stay organized!

It is essential to keep important things in one place.

You can write down everything and loose the paper. Can bookmark in your browser websites you've visited and even save the login details, but can find the right site in your bookmark menu easily. Can write all in notepad but will not look very nice and still hard to find. Can install a password manager that will store sites and login details, description of sites and even allow to export and open the exported result on another device.

Instead all the previous, I've created a simple spreadsheet that help me stay organized thru years and hundreds of sites I've visited, joined and use some every.

While it is a sample spreadsheet, my list contains all the necessary I (and You) will need: Category, Site name, its URL, User name, Password, email (the email you used when registering and login), Description of the site/service/product.

Beside these, my list contains few more columns such as rating system, affiliate links,  affiliate code (just copy and paste where needed).

You can always add some more columns if have a need of this.

How it works?

First row has a filter applied, so you can go to the Category - press the arrow down and select which category to display. You'll get a list of sites just for the category you've chose. If you already added, the site duplicates will be shown colored in red.

Can use filter on all other columns too.

That's it!


In the same file, can add additional spreadsheets if have need for additional lists, such as list of sites to be visited, list of facebook groups, list of sites that accept guest posting etc.

My stay organized list is free to download and use, no purchase needed, no limits at all, just spread the word about this simple and easy to use way to stay organized.

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