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Saturday, 11 April 2020

T-shirt contests on Threadless

If you a skilled designer, a wannabee enterpreneur or a person who create visuals, you may want to show your creations.

There are many places specialized for selling your designs. If you're new in this business, you can try selling your work, but it is not easy. Have to promote and run marketing campaigns to get noticed. This takes time and money even it is done for free on social media.

A truly free way to promote your designs and get noticed is to join a design competition. There are thematic competitions where you submit your design and get votes. If voted first or you are between few on the top you'll get a price.

Some of the print on demand sites run their own design competitions and t-shirt contests.

This works like this, You create a design for a t-shirt, a cup or other item your design can be printed. You may use your own design not used before elsewhere (or in some places, depending of their terms you can use your design that sells on some other place).

Next thing is to submit it to a currently running competition and get voted.

You can vote for other designs.

I've found a t-shirt contests running on In the moment there was active design contest about small thing. Have created a simple design in an hour and I was ready to submit it. Instead, I've submitted on my online shop on this site first and then submit the same design to the competition. This way I'll have a new product in store while still able to join the t-shirt contest with a great price. First price is 1000$ cash and get your design printed, featured on the site and included in their marketplace.

This is my design:

 The big spider, a cool t-shirt design

To create this design just for a t-shirt contest. It took me an about an hour.

Design itself is simple (and dull even) but effective in its own way.

While it still has chances to get votes, till being approved the contest already finished 😢

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