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Friday, 17 April 2020

Start with Shopify

Ever wanted to start your online store?

Now is the time.

Shopify is one of the largest e-commerce services where you can open an online store and start selling. While there are paid plans only, you can grab a 90 days trial right now.

Shopify doesn't only give you an online shop you can customize and use as your own, but teach you how to do this. There are lots of tutorials on Shopify, covering every aspect how to start your store, choose products, learn how to sale and build a successful online business with their service.

There is a ton of videos on Youtube how to start.

Before starting your online shop with Shopify these are some of the things you must have in mind:
  1. Plan your store
  2. Choose a name for your store
  3. Create a Shopify account
  4. Log in
  5. Choose a theme
  6. Customize your Shopify theme
  7. Optimize your store settings (and connect your domain to your store)
  8. Create necessary pages (about, terms,sales page)
  9. Add products
  10. Create collections
  11. Add discount codes
  12. Customize the Order page (and other pages too)
  13. Check analytics and sign up for Google Analytics for better results
  14. Promote your shop to get customers
You can add sharing buttons and opt-in form to improve your marketing efforts.

The really good option is to incorporate drop shipping. This way you don't even need products, you can sell products from other merchants and get paid for it. This is working well. 

There are lot of resources that can help you build a successful online store on Shopify, drive customers and sales and turn it into full time business

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