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Monday, 9 March 2020

Two side projects on its way

Two side projects

Working on a main goal - online income as a main project may be exhausting. Doing same repetitive tasks day by day is boring. Have to do something else from time to time to get a bit of rest and think how to proceed further. There is main reason for gaps in a project. Being lazy is the second (and largest) reason.

But not this time.

In the time I'm writing this post, I'm working on two side projects in same time.

1 . An ebook

First is an ebook about online income opportunities, where I plan to explain all of the aspects, good and bad, how to start quickly, grow and expand till achieve goals: earn a few bucks aside or even make it your own profitable business.

I'm starting to write today and will keep updated for my progress.

Title is the most important when it comes to writing. Have several ideas in mind and hope to use one that suits best, it applies to the subject, is appealing, easy to read and remember.

Have already made a plan and scenario for subjects to write. This was a hardest part as have to visit hundreds of sites to make my research eligible and up to date. Have to rely on my previous experience (eg. my old ebook), blog posts from here and other sites and running, but most of the content will be new and up to date.

I'm still searching for some tools and resources which I'll post on this blog instead in the ebook if I don't manage to find them till finished writing. Have gathered most of the links and resources and I'm ready to start.

Writing a content for an ebook is not the same as writing a post. Most posts are 500 - 2000 words only, and I'm facing with a large text to type (>50 pages = at least 12 000 words is my estimation). That is 50 hours of typing at least but typing is not a problem, anyone can do it.

Problem is the lack of inspiration and loosing focus when working on larger project. But I'm not worried, I have time and a cup of coffee by my hand. From experience I plan to start today and get it finished in 20 days, until Monday March 30th.

When done, have to publish it, submit to ebook sites and work on its promotion.

Meanwhile I'm working on a second project that will complement this ebook.

promote my book

2. An Android app

Once a book/ebook is published it cant be changed. (Actually it can, but doesn't worth the effort and it will be a duplicate of the original and nobody likes copies - right?).

Better option is to publish updates as a blog posts or even better to create a mobile app instead.

With an app you can always update its content, add new features and content and even change its look.

Creating a mobile app takes time too but it is not so hard as it seems. Technical knowledge and programming skills are not required for more simple apps as I have the content as text and images (converted into a web page in HTML5) so I will need only a Welcome screen, a menu (to the main content), and some 1-2 more screens.

There are sites that convert whole web sites into mobile apps and most of them do this for free. I'plan to use a more advanced app builder to make it to suit my needs. Have to prepare graphics, tweak content from the ebook and add some more links. Some tweaks has to be made during the process but I'm not telling You the whole process right now.

When done building the app and have the source files compiled, will have to submit to Google Store. Later I may submit to Apple store also. Beside these, there are many other places to submit your apps (for android).

After that it comes the promotion and that is the really hard part.

Why I'm doing this?

Last time I've done something simmilar some 10 years ago, there were only desktops and laptops. There were no tablets, no smart phones no Android nor Iphones/Ipads. Things have changed since then. A simple ebook in PDF format may cover all, but segmentation by devices and audience is by far much better. It is a double effort but may worth the results.

My previous attempt was not given the results I've expected even it was pretty hot niche in its time.

  • Some of my sites went down. 
  • My old ebook was available for download from only 2 places. 
  • Haven't run any promotion.
  • Content get obsolete over time

This is my second attempt to do something like this And this time I know how.

What is in it for You?

Whether You are looking to make few bucks aside, make addition to your home budget, change your job, or start an online business the projects I've work on will help you.
I'will try to help you and point the ways where to start and how, what you'll need for a start, how to avoid scams and time wasters, how to run promotions, grow and build your online business.

In the ebook I'll explain everything.

The app will complement the ebook showing all the opportunities you may want to try.

What is in it for me?

To show you where to start, just show off, to show my expertize and experience, make money? Well ... all of it is true.

First of all I want to help. Anybody can make money online. I can, so can You. How much depends of your time, effort and the opportunity you've chosen.

I want show of my experience, get audience and share my knowledge. Don't you do the same?

Want to make money in the process.

These two side projects are the opportunity for me to do all above in the same time. Will it work? It is hard to say but I must try anyway.

I don't have anything better to do. Have to #stayhome and do something. Cant travel to other countries and drink coffee in Wien

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