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Monday, 16 March 2020

Instant eCom Store

Have You ever thought opening your own online shop? Have needed products to sell? Have thoughts of a drop-shipping?

This opportunity may be for you.

Instant eCom Store

DashNex offer a pay once for lifetime hosting (just 17$ only today for a lifetime hosting!?). You'll need a domain already bought from some other company, or use a subdomain which is not recommended. Specialized hosting companies charge a lot more per a year and prices are going higher every year. This is an offer that has to be taken with some level of suspicion. May be if it is just a daily promotion. I'm writing this post because a related ad pops on my phone very half an hour. So, I must see what is it about and finally clicked the ad and earn them a few cents 😃

So what is all about. Is it just another affiliate program which after all, gives you a webspace (for a fair price) to open your own online store or just create sales pages, add products for dropshipping and start selling?

instant eCom store

You can create a simple sales page, a sweepstake offer, blank page etc. You start with templates or if want, from a zero. Builder is nice and in a minute you'll have your sales page ready. Integrated payment gateways are PayPal and Stripe. An autoresponder integration is available, so you just have to choose provider to start your email marketing campaign.

Training, free bonuses and some promotion tools as well analytics are included.

Personally, I would not run and join immediately but f you need a program like this or want to try,  this program might worth trying.

free training, free bonuses, promotion tools and you may find your path for a online income.

Can check a you tube review:

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