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Sunday, 22 March 2020

How to get thousands of visitors a day for free

Last update: 22.03.2020

Either running a site, a blog, an online store, promote affiliate links on social media networks and so on you’ll need thousands of visitors a day.

Visitors will not simply just come to see what you have to offer. You need to promote your site/service/affiliate program. To do this you’ll need visitors and traffic. The simple formula is:

More traffic = More visitors More views = More leads = More customers =


Internet traffic, also called web traffic is essential to spread the word about your site and your brand and the stuff you are promoting. To get noticed you will need a lot of traffic and a lot of visitors on a daily basis, something that seems impossible for newbies and freshly started sites.

Have started writing this blog post regularly at first, but containing a lot of gray hat stuff inside which must be shared, while trying to keep my blog off the “Dark side”, I’ve not included some tricks that I've wrote originally. I’ll try to keep this post updated from time to time. This is just a piece of it.

In this post, I’ll try to show you exactly how to kick start traffic for free to the site you’ve just started and get thousands of visitors a day. But you don’t necessary need a site to utilize these techniques, this works also for promoting affiliate programs from 3rd parties or just building a brand.

I’ve tested, used and still using some of these sites and programs to get about thousand visitors a day.
1 000+ visitors a day is a minimum you can get. If using smart and tweak a bit, you can easily get few more thousands of visits a day.


Some of the programs are gray hat and may or may not HARM your site SEO. Same applies for displaying ads. Extensive use of some of the programs may or may not BAN your site from ad networks.

I suggest to read the tips, follow some rules and proceed carefully.

Not all traffic is equal. The one that came organically form search engines and backlinks is the best. Social media traffic is very good. Worst is the one that comes from unknown sources and had “no referrer” attribute which is usually a bot traffic with no value and may cause more harm than good.


The only true type of white hat traffic is the one that came organically from search engine results.
Other white hat traffic is the one that came from other sites to your site. Backlinks to your site, guest blogging and comments are this type of traffic.

If not running a site, previous two wouldn’t mean much to you, but the third one will.

Third type is the social media traffic. Visitors came from social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, Linkedin, Reddit, StumbleUpon etc. if engaged properly and are interested in your stuff. FYI there are 400+ social media and bookmarking sites out there. Having presence on all of them is impossible and it is better to focus on just 2-3 of the most used.

These are the 3 types of traffic that are officially considered white hat.

But to reach thousands of visitors a day organically just thru SEO and link building will take at least 6 months and that is a lot of time and efforts (not to say how much money you’ll need to spend to see some results).

Some white hat methods may become gray hat depending on how you acquire backlinks and the way you promote on social media. But don’t worry! Most of them are still legitimate and will not harm your site and traffic.

Enough talk! Lets get to work!


  • An email account (preferably gmail)
  • One Twitter account
  • Facebook account (preferably 2 – one personal and one site related)
  • Pinterest account (recommended)
  • Accounts on other social media and bookmarking sites (not necessary)
  • Web site, online store, blog or just an affiliate link to promote
  • Link shorthener ( or other)
  • Web browser (Chrome and Firefox)
  • A cookie cleaner.


It is widely used and is my first choice when comes to promoting stuff on internet because of its simplicity. Results might not be very good if not have a large base of followers.

Getting 10K+ targeted followers (interested in same or similar subjects as yourself) takes some 6 months to a year to reach but after that you’ll have a steady base of people to promote to. Will have to tweet regularly several times a day to get a few visits to a link you promote. Will have to find best times when to tweet. When you do all this you can automate some of the tasks and simplify your job to a minimum of just 15-30 minutes a day.

Twitter has more free tools to manage, schedule and automate tasks than all other social media combined. But not all followers will see your tweets. With 5 tweets a day I get only 10-20 visits. With 10 tweets in best times up to 50 - 60.

But it is not much. And may think Twitter doesn't worth your effort. But it does.

Tweet more for more visitors.


The largest social network. Can post links of your blog posts and affiliate links on your wall seen by your facebook friends and followers and any other if set to public visibility.

First thing is to add friends and gain followers to your profile. Larger membership base is not the only benefit.

The true power lays in running a Facebook page linking to your site. Likes on pages may link and lead to your site and directly drive traffic and visitors to your site just by clicking on “Learn More” button on a Facebook page.

Another free way is to share in facebook groups interested in a niche you’re promoting. Will have to find and join niche related groups (up to 10 a day or will be temporary blocked from joining and sharing into groups).

Some groups have strict rules and doesn’t accept everyone, some groups have content and posting rules etc. Should consider this when joining and must research and test their performance. Small and very large groups doesn’t perform well. If you want your content to be seen share in targeted groups with between 2000-10000 members. Larger groups may not perform so good but worth trying.

If find some good performing group about blogging, running a site or online income opportunities please let me know, I would like to join it!

When sharing content don’t over share e.g. don’t spam sharing same thing many times in different groups over and over. Instead, share in one group, like a post, comment, like a page, check your wall, add new members and so on and after some time share the another link you’re promoting in another group. This will look organically and and will keep your Facebook account safe.

Facebook has very strict rules and your account may be locked or deactivated if don't their rules.

Running a Facebook page and sharing in groups can get quite a lot of traffic depending of quality and how well groups and audience are targeted. Amount of traffic from Facebook pages can be measured thru likes received. It is not the same with groups. This way you can get a lot of visitors but it is not so easy to measure. It can be done thru your site statistics if running some, but my approximation is some 100-200 visitors if share once in 5-6 groups in best time.

To increase performance, You’ll need a second Facebook account (your personal one or a few more…). This is gray hat use of Facebook but doesn’t harm your site traffic, SEO, nor your Facebook account until don’t over use it to spam, or promote prohibited content.

How to get thousands of VISITORS A day (every day)
Oh, you can always buy traffic (ads) on Facebook and Twitter. It is not considered as gray hat (buying from other places is).

Build your presence by building relations with members of your community (both groups and pages) with likes, shares and comments and sharing your opinions as well opinions of other members.

Other social media networks

Similar rules applies for Pinterest, Instagram and other social media in general. Share interesting stuff, comment and your content will get shared if found interesting. Sometimes you’ll get a share just as a reciprocal gesture, but that counts too.

As both social media are mented for sharing photos and images they use different approaches. Yet, both gives results, althou Instagram might be better.

Build relations with like minded people sharing similar interests. Social media is all about that. Comment, share, like, tweet, pin… anytime, anywhere.

Build a large follower base and you'll get an audience.


Social media is great for promoting content and building a brand. All of these takes time and even most experienced marketers can’t handle everything by them self . What  can be done?? Call a friend and ask for a helping hand, hire a virtual assistant or buy professional service to build and run everything? You might, but it will cost a lot and you may not afford it.

Why not start for free, use free services, schedule posts, automate tasks and grow. Don’t even need a website althou it is helpful. Can start with a Facebook page, build a presence and then move on.

If running Twitter this site service will organize your tweets into a newspaper, published daily. Don’t need a site of your own. Sign up for a free service and share your page on twitter and on other social media. This is a basic free service with a premium paid membership.


If don’t have a site and want one, sign up with your google (gmail) account to blogger/blogspot, and start your own blog in minutes. Service is free, easy to use and customize. Can set your own domain to point to your new blogspot blog, and set some more professional theme if you like. Next is to populate with content. When have enough content can apply for AdSense or some other advertising network and start monetizing your blog by displaying ads.

This is the easiest way to start a blog for free and still have enough freedom to customize and show ads.

Dlvrit (spelling =”Deliver It”, previously Twitterfeed)

A free/paid service which used to share automatically your new blog posts from a blogger/blogspot on twitter and Facebook once a post is published. This a great service that automates sharing and works well.


Sharing buttons that looks great and simplifies the way visitors can share your posts, pages, images or highlight a text and share just that piece of the article. Discover option works as an ad exchange so for every visitor see the small ad displayed on your site you get an impression/visit back to your site. Great free service with even more options in paid version.

Viral Content Bee (VCB)

(Previously known as Viral Content Buzz). Works for exchanging tweets/retweets, facebook likes, pinterest pins and posts on StumbleUpon. For every action you get points which can be used for running your ad campaign.
Good, reliable service for increasing social media visibility and traffic indirectly. More you share other members content, more credits you’ll get. Use the credits to run your campaign and get shared by other members. Even as a free member results are good.


As in VCB, you’ll earn points by sharing other members Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube and Tumblr content.

On Copromote, points you’ll earn depend on the number of followers you have on social media you want to share. If have 10000 twitter followers, you’ll get 10K points for each retweet. This works great if have large follower base. Earned points can be used to boost your tweet or facebook page post.

Free members are limited in number of how many times can share in a day, but for accounts with many followers this is not a problem at all.


Very useful for scheduling when a post / link should be shared on social media. Free account allows 10 post schedules per day. Paid upgrades offers lot more.


This is considered gray hat and running an ad exchange alongside AdSense (and other advertising networks) might be against its terms. There are many sites like this but don’t use them if using AdSense.


Similar as previous two but more like VCB. As a free member will be limited to 2000 daily points/tokens. Each action cost 10 tokens or more (you decide the number of tokens assigned per action). For points you get social exposure you choose: Facebook likes and shares, Google+, Pinterest pins, Tumblr and StumbleUpon posts, posts on Blogger and WordPress blogs, visitors (clicks) to your site or all of this. This is site can harm your Adsense.

First set a link to the site/s you want to promote or send visits to. On the dashboard (main page) under options may set to ”No Referrer” and start collecting tokens (points). Can get points for your actions, but choosing autosurf will get you to the daily limit almost handsfree. If choose to receive only visits (clicks) to you site, this will earn 200 visitors within 2 hours.


Very similar as previous one. Works at same principle and can get you 150 daily visits. This is site can harm your Adsense.

This site works mainly as an ad exchange. You display a widget with ads on your site/blog and earn points for every view/impression to get views to your site from other members widgets shown on their sites.

This is considered gray hat and running an ad exchange alongside AdSense might be against its terms. There are many sites like this but don’t use them if using AdSense.

Leads Leap has a few cards in a sleeve and one is the Popup Generator they offer which is a great tool for creating Landing pages (also known as squeeze page or popunders/popups) and tracks their performance.

Landing pages are the best marketing tool as you can easily promote stuff, offer free downloads or get subscribers for you mailing list. When you get subscribers to your list, you can email them periodically about your new content, promotions, hot products, discounts, free stuff or anything you can imagine. If used correctly, you will have  steady on demand visitors ready to visit your site as soon as you send them a mail about the stuff they are interested in.

Mailing list is one of the best marketing tools

Banner exchanges works at same principle as any other web exchanges but are not so bad for SEO (and may be used along other ads as long they are not against their terms. Popups are against the rules and the main reason why so many AdS accounts get blocked).

Link rotators

You can promote all your website post URLs and referral links from one single rotator URL/link. Rotators work by showing only one link instead of several URLs in a way that all of them receive the same amount of traffic. As every time someone clicks your rotator link they will be directed to one of your websites/links randomly.

The technique is a gray hat  but doesn’t harm if used for promoting on similar niche sites, otherwise you’ll not get visitors at all as they will not be interested in the stuff you promote even if visit your site. See link rotators

This is great for promoting affiliate links about related products/services

Sounds great, but is extremely gray hat technique in SEO terms, so be careful which links you want to add to a site rotator if decide using one. Not recommended for promoting a site you own or used for building backlinks.

Traffic Exchanges

TE stands for Traffic Exchange. Using this technique you can get thousands of visitors a day, but this will drop a site SEO rankings if not even get blocked from SERPs.

TEs can be manual and automatic (autosurfs). Traffic exchanges works similar as PTC (Paid To Click) sites but instead you get a portion of a cent for your click, you get points which are exchanged for clicks/visits from other members. 

Autosurfs are completely black hat (automatic bot traffic) and will get you banned from any advertising network (so simply forget about autosurfs).

Manual traffic exchanges on the other hand are gray hat, not so dangerous but be careful on which sites you use them. Manual traffic exchanges can be helpful in increasing traffic and improving Alexa rank for new sites, programs and pages that don’t displays ads on CPM basis.

If from any reason decide using any, only one or two traffic exchanges at a time won’t deliver results. Must use several at once. Open several TEs in several tabs and run them all at once. Will have to click the matching image to continue to load next site, jump to the next tab, click the matching image there and jump to next tab and so on.

If want to get the things to the next level, there are browser extensions that automatically switch to the next tab (after a mouse click or after 10 seconds). There are browsers specifically made to simplify work with traffic exchanges and tabs switching.


These are some of the most commonly used methods to get thousands of visitors a day for free that many webmasters and marketers use.

My advice is to start with social media. Build and grow your profiles, get followers, be social, start conversations and make relations with other users, especially with influential ones. When build big enough targeted audience, create a Facebook page, share your posts in groups, tweet about, pin your images on Pinterest, post on Instagram and so on. Be social, be active, build your brand and promote it.

If have a site, link it to a Facebook page, create a Facebook group and share your content.

Same applies for other social media networks and bookmarking sites.

If your content is good enough there will be no problem to get thousands of visitors a day. Visitors will come and visit your site or Facebook page. 

If like it, they’ll share it so more visitors will come.

Meanwhile work on your SEO, use long tail keywords, build back links, make relations with other bloggers and influencers. Guest posting and commenting works. Don’t forget to post constantly and create excellent content. In time this will help you rank higher on Search engine results pages e.g. first page on Google. Improved SEO and better SERP will get thousands of visitors more.

Keep away from the "dark side" methods of getting traffic.

I’ll try to keep this post updated quarterly.

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