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Tuesday, 10 December 2019

Ways to make money online or how to make an online income

There are many ways to make money online or how to make an online income. 

Some works and some don't. You'll have to try it yourself and see what works for you the best. If the first doesn't work don't despair, go to next and try it.
ways to make money online
It is not my intention with this post to create a list of all available opportunities but just to give you a lead where and what to look for.

Here is my short list:

  • - ways that doesn't need anything special like surfing, clicking, view videos, playing games, take surveys, sharing links, sweepstakes
  • playing games can get you paid by playing paid games, if good playing your favourites can stream videos of you playing and earn while playing, or join a competition and win some prizes
  • ways to make money by writing reviews, articles, blog posts, copywriting and ghostwriting for a site
  • ways to earn by using your expertise as providing virtual assistance, tutoring, freelancing, providing services and support
  • ways to sale online by selling on Ebay or elsewhere, running your own personalized online shop and selling your own products or drop shipping
  • ways to earn by using your creativity like taking photos, designing t-shirts, printable stuff, making music and videos, creating art
  • blogging and running a site can become a good business if have a good content, working promotion strategy time to build large audience and resources
  • affiliate marketing is the way where promote a product or a service (refer people to join) and get commissions

I'm sure I missed some, there has to be more but looking for them may be hard and time consuming.

Certainly there are few others not listed here, but start using only one from the list and combining with others later will give the results. (Not so much as expected but enough for a start).
time for start is now
Personally, I have tried and use most of them and all are giving certain results depending on time and effort used to utilize a particular method. Some are easier and don't need any technical knowledge, some need skills and time.

For a start, choose one that suits you best and start with it, learn how it works and measure the results. After that try another if not satisfied or if it is working but you need more and have time to try something new.

Me myself prefer freelancing and blogging but also don't miss a chance to tke a nice photo and post it. If you’re artistic soul designing or writing are the ones you must try.

“Its up to you, where and how, time for start is now.”

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