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Saturday, 14 December 2019

Thirteen things I have done in my first month of blogging

Twenty five days past since have this blog restarted. I was a bit busy working on a strategy for increasing traffic and working on it approximately two-three hours a day.

There are many methods for getting traffic. Most are white hat methods, free and paid ones that work but results may come slowly.

I was seriously tempted to try something faster, blackhat, such as buying back links and mass submit automatically but hopefully didn't that. Now I'm struggling for traffic as everyone else at the beginning, but have plan and determined to stay focused.

Thirteen things I have done in my first month of blogging

Meanwhile this is what I have done in my first month of blogging

  1. Have registered new email address I'll use just for this site purposes.
  2. Last two months I was working on getting followers on Twitter on an old account of mine and made some progress. Now have about 15000+ followers and every time I post a new story I'm tweeting about 2-3 times that day, once more next day and once again few days later and few more times in a week or two. This is a good practice as not everybody can see my tweet when I post it so have to tweet it again later few hours later to get more impressions and hopefully retweets, clicks, likes, profile views and site visits.
  3. Have opened new Facebook account and searching for people sharing similar interests. This means searching for groups and Facebook pages about emarketing, technology, internet tips, howtos, affiliates, moneymaking opportunities and everything related. Planning to create Facebook page or group or both soon.
  4. Have opened Pinterest account too. This can help me post graphics form this blog and gain followers.
  5. Should start and increase presence on other social media sites if have time to do it.
  6. Meta tags in the blog code are included now. Do some keywords research and testing and now I'm satisfied with description and keyword phrases.
  7. Better traffic statistics by using external visits counter. Have implemented Google analytics codes. Should do the same with Bing and Alexa and few other SEO sites.
  8. Checked and fix most of the broken and no-follow links.
  9. Have made submission to major search engines.
  10. Now I'm researching for advanced link building techniques such as guest blogging as one of the most effective.
  11. Manual submission to web directories only to a few daily if ranking well and having appropriate category.
  12. Link exchange with similar sites is not done yet but expecting several next month. Can always get a link from my other blogs or some of my friends but that's not the point.
  13. Should create an incentive/s, create opt-in page and start email marketing. Personally hate that popup opt-ins that doesn't give you to download stuff which is free anyway, unless you give your e-mail address. I'm thinking about some different way in implementing this.

In short this is my strategy for starting to drive traffic to this blog. For now I can manage it all alone concentrating main efforts on creating new content and trying to promote it while staying organized with a small trick I plan to use it as an incentive offering it free for download.


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    1. Thank you for reading. Quite bussy working on a side projects but will try to keep up

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