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Sunday, 8 December 2019

Five things you need for starting your online venture

When you need a job done, you need the right tools.

Same thing for starting something that is computer related. Before starting anything, you’ll need an agenda – a plan of some kind. Even just a pale idea how to start and what to do might not sound very optimististic, but don't worry help is here somewhere (on this site).

When it is about computers and internet you'll need a computer (or a smartphone), some software installed or online apps.

This is what you need next:

1. For a start you’ll need to write down your plan at least, so you’ll need a notepad. There are many similar ones but get some with line numbering and syntax coloring (for a programming languages) which can be very handy later when you’ll need to work with larger texts and pieces of code for your site/s or do some programming.

2. As most of the job has to be done online, you’ll also need a browser. A good tabbed browser is a must. I prefer Google Chrome but Mozilla Firefox for its many extensions and add-ons that makes the things even easier.

3. Must register for a Google mail account. Why? With registering, you’ll get a access to a ton of useful stuff including free tools, free software, advertising tools and ways to promote and monetize your stuff.

online venture

4. Once you have an email account you have to sign up for social media like Facebook, Twitter and so on. This will help promote your sites and stuff and with bigger audience bigger the results

5. Last but not least is a payment processor - way you can collect the money you've earned. Easiest way is PayPal ofcourse but there are many more. Its good to have a bank account and a credit card for larger amounts.

These are just some things for a start that can’t live without but later you’ll need a lot more desktop software, online tools and apps. You’ll have to master using them as you’ll need them many to get the work done quickly and quality.

This sounds hard at first but its not, trust me, even my grandma uses notepad to write down the daily shopping list, and a few more for other daily tasks :)

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