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Sunday, 8 December 2019

Five steps for building web presence

You have connected to internet, registered for Google, signed up for Facebook... It is time to build your web presence

Step 1: Planing and start up

When starting a web presence, first you’ll have to think about the name you will use (or a nickname), the subject and the goals you want to achieve. You can always use your real name. It may be easier and build trust to your audience that there is a real person behind all this or use a nickname. This is completely up to you. Althou Google and most social media always suggest using your real name.

Next requirement is to have an email account registered. This is essential, but having an interesting email such as or is even better. If you buy a domain you’ll have the notch which is pretty cool and professional. If you want a personal nickname as mail name should check a bit more on I’m sure you’ll find something that suits you.

Must have a plan and do an extensive research before go to step two. This means that you'll have to write the ideas you have, goals you want to achieve and everything you need to do about, including tools, promotion strategy, budget and timeline. If want to start a blog just go to the step two, but if want something more like freelancing, affiliate marketing, online shopping business must think harder and research.

Step 2: Building a website

Now it is time to build your name. The best and easiest is to open a blog and start blogging about your interests and the subject you’ll choose. You may create a website also. Difference between blog and a website is that blog is regularly updated and more personal (depends of your writing style). Websites are more rigid and business oriented but now days every site has a blog and every blog has a sales page so differences melts. Whatever you choose it should look compelling to visitors and have interesting content.

Building a site may need a bit technical knowledge and creativity but I’m sure you’ll handle it if started with a blog or build a site with Weebly. Don’t forget to get a domain first. Instead of using a free subdomain buy a top level domain with a name that is related to your idea, your business, things you plan to do and the goals you aim. Spending 10$ for a good domain name is an investment you must do when starting online.

Next is to build your content. Its up to you and your niche (the subject you choose to write about) how much content and how often you post but MORE IS THE BETTER.

Your posts must be long informative and be of use to your audience. Just a text is not good so must add some images, photos or even better a video.

Step 3: Social networking

Social networks (or social media) helps you build an audience, spread the word about you, your ideas and thoughts, your site and your business and build ties with people sharing simmilar interests and others that need your services. Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram , LinkedIn are just a few on top of the list of some 500+ officially listed internationally social networks. The real number is much larger and grows every day. As a reference visit AddThis. You might like put a sharing buttons on your site to let your visitors share your links and thoughts.

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Step 4: Getting visitors attention

This part is a bit tricky. You’ll have to be very creative to make your site stand out of the competition. You may even hire professionals to help. Good looking and useful content is sometimes worthless if you don’t have visitors. Althou you can drive visitors to come to your site you must assure they will come back again. Offering a free neswletters, a free membership or free stuff always draw attention. So you must utilize these tactics to make your visitors come back again and again.

Step 5: More promotion

Social networks (especially Facebook) may bring a lot of visitors. But you’ll have to do more. Guest posting on similar sites and forums give results especially if you use same nickname/signature. Guest posting will help you share ideas with site owners about the subjects you both cover. Also you may share links use more promotion and work on your SEO.

FINAL TIP: You’ll need to try everything you can get and use everything that works or works less to build your web presence. It will pays off later

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