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Monday, 9 December 2019

Creating online income streams

Creating online income streams is very important if you want to be successful. Making money online is possible and inevitable if ever start building an online presence. Whatever you choose to start with, whether it is blogging, freelancing, affiliate marketing etc. it will make you money if you are dedicated to work on it.

Amount you’ll earn might not be much but every cent counts. Some ways brings a lot of money, some don’t. Depends of how much time and effort are willing to invest results may differ.

Work harder and results will be better. Focusing on only one thing that generates money is a good strategy but not always the best one. If one brings money, why not adding another income stream.

Generally there are two paths in creating online income streams:

Focus on just one or two online income streams

Focus on just one online income stream that works. Put an effort, work hard, learn how to utilize it to the max and use them every day. When become an expert for it, go to another one, analyse its potential and start working on it but don’t forget the first one which is already well established brings you good results.

Freelancing is one that works for me. Must try it if have expertise and can deliver high quality results to your customers. Other possible options are freelance writing or running an online shop. Trick is to stick to it, stay focused and put all the efforts and time you can to that particular online income opportunity.

Diversify on many fields

If one or several online income streams are not enough (You’ve tried but results are not very promising), may try to diversify your efforts on several fields at once.

When running multiple online income streams, must stay organized and schedule your tasks or soon you’ll get confused and forgetful, don’t know what have to do on every single online opportunity you’ve joined. which leads to abandon it even it is working. Affiliate marketing is the main field here, but you can combine with anything else including previously mentioned few. Have to join many programs and try to promote each and every one you’ve joined to get a percent of an affiliate sale.

1, 2, 3 or more

PROS ans CONS of the two paths of creating online income streams

Few online income streams

Multiple online income streams





Small number of opportunities. Usually 1 or 2Run many online income streams (more the better)Large number of opportunities
Easy to manage your daily tasksSome are set and forget
online income opportunities
Hard to track and manage all the tasks and programs you’ve joined and promoting
Can schedule tasks and set your own working hoursCan schedule and automate some of the tasksPromote extensively
(but do not SPAM)
Easy to track and measureHave to measure and analyse results from many different sources
Do something you likeConsumes same ammount of time every dayMany tasks to run may consume most of day
Do something you know and have expertizeMay become monotoneous and boringWill learn new skills.Some tasks are not very interesting
Search for new opportunities is not necessaryResearchConstant search for fresh opportunities and building referral downlines
Staying focused on several tasks onlyStaying organized is a skill you must learn the hard wayStaying organized is tough skill to master
Can replace your job with work from homeHard workValuable addition to a monthly income
Results are goodVariable resultsResuslts can sometimes be discouraging
Don’t need to advertise agresivelyLearn how to promote and sellPromotion cost time (and) money

No matter which path you choose follow a few rules:

  • Stay focused on the tasks you run
  • Stay organized
  • Schedule daily tasks
  • Automate as much as possible
  • Measure your efforts
  • Track and analyse results

Implementing the above steps will help a lot whatever opportunity you choose and opportunities are many. Can monetize your skills and expertise as a freelancer. May choose to run an online store selling yours or other peoples physical or downloadable products. May join an online photography competition and win a prize. Play games and get paid for it. Or become an affiliate marketer promoting products and services on social media.

A lot of opportunities are out there, just pick one or as many as want and start working on it. Results will come soon.

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