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Sunday, 10 November 2019

Few words about domains and domain names

So, You have an idea for creating a website.

The first thing you'll need is address of your website, a Domain Name, a specific name your site will be called and "summoned" from. In my case was ideal as it explains what this blog is about. I was lucky that its still available e.g. someone else didn’t registered it yet.

There are many domains out there: .com, .net, org, .edu are Top Level Domains (TLD) and most desirable of all. There are many more such as .ws, .tv, .aero, .name, .eu,…  Also there are TLDs for countries: .fr(France), .ca(Canada) .mx(Mexico) etc. Trick is that you’ll have to register one and pay for it.


There are subdomains also and they are usually free. They look like: “” or “” or you have the idea what I’m talking about – they are too long and make your site doesn’t look profesional and not great to the search engines too. So may forget about subdomains and get a domain.

top level domain names


www your domain dot com

If you want to be recognizable in years to come a top level domain is a must. is the best by far. Before deciding on the name and get it, should consider some things first:

  • Name will point to your site so should be associated with the niche, product or a goal you want to achieve/promote) as this will help protect and build your brand in the future.
  • Make the name easy to remember. Short names are better. Name should be associated in a matter with the site.
  • Stay away from numbers in the name or whole combinations like the
  • Special characters in your domain name like !@$%^&, are not allowed, but can use hyphens – as a word spacer. Search engines can read separated words by hyphens but if you can avoid them and not use them in the name at all is better.
  • Should check if the domain name you desire is available eg not already registered by someone else.

Checking a domain name availability is made thru a domain registrar site or a hosting company. There are many sites, I personally prefer which is specialized for domain name registrations which I have used before and was satisfied with the service and simple user interface.

If desired domain name is available it will be listed along with available alternative suggestions and prices. You can register and buy it immediately.

By default a domain is registered for 1 year and renewed each year but you can choose to register on longer term. Can purchase additional services such as whois privacy – this means your info will stay hidden when someone search for information about who owns the site, where is registered, hosted etc. Additionally can purchase an email account for your domain eg.

If a domain is already registered, You may back order it to be bought by you when registration expires but it might not work so don’t waste some 45$ and think about some other name that is available.

There are places (even marketplaces) to buy already registered domain names and completely established sites running for years that have tons of daily visits and make money for their owners but that is very expensive.

About the price of a domain name, it usually varies between 9$ -14$ plus additional services except for established sites. Hosting companies may include the price of domain in their hosting plans which is simpler, but I prefer to have domain name and hosting registered on separate sites (it is easier to change to a new hosting then to transfer a domain, and a maybe cheaper).

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