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Sunday, 10 November 2019

Few words about domains and domain names

So, You have an idea for creating a website.

The first thing you'll need is address of your website, a Domain Name, a specific name your site will be called and "summoned" from. In my case was ideal as it explains what this blog is about. I was lucky that its still available e.g. someone else didn’t registered it yet.

There are many domains out there: .com, .net, org, .edu are Top Level Domains (TLD) and most desirable of all. There are many more such as .ws, .tv, .aero, .name, .eu,…  Also there are TLDs for countries: .fr(France), .ca(Canada) .mx(Mexico) etc. Trick is that you’ll have to register one and pay for it.


There are subdomains also and they are usually free. They look like: “” or “” or you have the idea what I’m talking about – they are too long and make your site doesn’t look profesional and not great to the search engines too. So may forget about subdomains and get a domain.

top level domain names


www your domain dot com

If you want to be recognizable in years to come a top level domain is a must. is the best by far. Before deciding on the name and get it, should consider some things first:

  • Name will point to your site so should be associated with the niche, product or a goal you want to achieve/promote) as this will help protect and build your brand in the future.
  • Make the name easy to remember. Short names are better. Name should be associated in a matter with the site.
  • Stay away from numbers in the name or whole combinations like the
  • Special characters in your domain name like !@$%^&, are not allowed, but can use hyphens – as a word spacer. Search engines can read separated words by hyphens but if you can avoid them and not use them in the name at all is better.
  • Should check if the domain name you desire is available eg not already registered by someone else.

Checking a domain name availability is made thru a domain registrar site or a hosting company. There are many sites, I personally prefer which is specialized for domain name registrations which I have used before and was satisfied with the service and simple user interface.

If desired domain name is available it will be listed along with available alternative suggestions and prices. You can register and buy it immediately.

By default a domain is registered for 1 year and renewed each year but you can choose to register on longer term. Can purchase additional services such as whois privacy – this means your info will stay hidden when someone search for information about who owns the site, where is registered, hosted etc. Additionally can purchase an email account for your domain eg.

If a domain is already registered, You may back order it to be bought by you when registration expires but it might not work so don’t waste some 45$ and think about some other name that is available.

There are places (even marketplaces) to buy already registered domain names and completely established sites running for years that have tons of daily visits and make money for their owners but that is very expensive.

About the price of a domain name, it usually varies between 9$ -14$ plus additional services except for established sites. Hosting companies may include the price of domain in their hosting plans which is simpler, but I prefer to have domain name and hosting registered on separate sites (it is easier to change to a new hosting then to transfer a domain, and a maybe cheaper).

Tuesday, 17 September 2019

Three reasons why to start blogging and what can you learn from it

For a start of this blog lets talk about blogging a bit. This was my old post from 2016, so updating it now would be a good idea for a start.

So, Lets Start!

Starting a blog and blogging is a way to express yourself, share your thoughts, ideas and experience and help others in a way. This is the main reason why to start blogging. A personal satisfaction.

Another reason is what you can learn from it and this may be a bitter truth in 99%

When You start your first blog you'll meet many obstacles. 

At first, You will just have a foggy idea what will be the main topic (the niche). Very often You'll have no idea what to post about, but not having idea is not the worst thing at all. You will not not have any visitors to see your posts for writing each you needed hours and hours to research a topic and write a decent post about it.

While you struggle for traffic, you'll spend valuable time trying to promote your site for free and even pay for it but nothing gives a desired result. Meanwhile you'll stuck on social media trying to get attention everywhere you can and that will not be enough.

Yes, you'll get a handful of visitors, some even interested for what you have to offer but that is not even close enough to what you meant to achieve.

Not to mention SEO (you'll stuck here before you know and will not even know what's happening). Running tasks on all fronts will quickly disorient You and soon you'll loose interest in running your blog and You'll just leave it, wasting Your time and Your money spent in the last few months that You've experimenting with blogging. What a waste! This is the worst case scenario everyone have experienced, me too.

But I've learned a few valuable things from my failure:

- Don't give up! Don't give up if something is not working. Try harder and find another way if still not working. Stay determined and go on.

- Build your blog content first. Stay focused on your niche and don't make far away trips. Post regularly, more often is good. Every day if you can, if not at least once or twice a week with a good nice valuable content. Post length should not be less than 400 words, 2000 words and more are preferred, with a smart titles and using a desired keywords phrases in your texts. In time your writing skills will improve greatly and you'll be able to create blog posts like a pro.

- Organize your daily tasks. Will need to write down, bookmark visited sites or use some software for this as you'll have to visit and join hundreds of sites, some just bookmark for their content and services but can not memorize them all. I have an excell spread sheet for this purpose, I've make years ago which greatly helps me to stay organized and focused on other stuff.

- Utilize the 20/80 rule. This is a great practice to use 20% of time for building content and 80% promoting it and searching for ideas for the next post.

- Doesn't having visitors at start is normal. Work hard on promotion. Stay focused on one or two methods for building traffic, not all. Same with social media. Your main focus should be becoming popular on the most used ones and then slightly try promoting on other social networks.

- SEO is important but not so necessary in the first months while strugling to build content. If your blog is on Blogger/Blogspot you don't have to change almost anything, just add description of your blog and make it visible for the search engines. For Wordpress blogs there are many SEO plug-ins that makes the search engine optimization easier. Use them.

While blogging, will need to visit thousands sites, online tools, services. Sometimes will need to join and estimate their usefulness and check how it works. Will learn new technical terms and will improve your tech skills and while learning new ones, get knowledge of specific methods and strategies to use for building your blog and getting visitors etc. All this will make you ready for the WEB, and you'll be step closer to your success.

And again, Don't give up! Visitors will come to your blog only if it have some value for them. Think about this, create a useful content that is interesting, valuable and easy to read. Work on promotion and seo too. Work hard! And results will come sooner or later. This depends of the niche and amount of time and budget. In my case, running a blog about blogging :) and online income opportunities, two very saturated subjects with several thousands similar sites and blogs, many of them existing and building authority for years is not an easy task. But I'm determined and will not give up in the next few months.

All previous sounds good but its not easy to achieve. Sometimes is so disappointing when you realize that you've worked hard a whole month for free or less.

Why bother blogging if there is not a compensation involved?

A blog can earn you money and can even earn you a lot. But not expect too much, at least not in the beginning.

How much?

Few hundred, few thousands, 6-7 figures, who knows, sky is the limit,... MMM... I don't think so!!!

Most of the new blogs doesn't make any money at all. While its so easy to implement adSense in your blog it will not deliver more than a buck a month if you don't have many visitors. Same is for other ad networks and other types of advertising, but income will rise as the number of visitors rise. Be stubborn, stay focused, work hard and don't give up if not working, keep working and result will come in time.

Earnings greatly depends of increasing the amount of traffic,and if only way of monetizing is thru ads, website traffic is the only factor you have to keep an eye and work on.

About the numbers, don't expect too much! I'll be happy if this blog become self sustainable within next three months. This means the blog contextual advertisements pays the costs for one year domain registration (about 14$) for twelve months (eg to reach 1.17$ a month from advertising). But since this is my first month I don't have any relevant data. From previous attempts for the first month only 0.30$ which was expected. By the end of the year my estimation is to have about 5$ a month at month 12 from ads alone which will make this blog self sustainable in full, paying for the domain name, paid hosting and migration to Wordpress. But this doesn't count the time and effort spent.

These values are true and realistic to achieve. At first sight it seems too little and not worth the effort. But believe me, in long terms, it worth the time and/or money invested althou really positive results are visible after two – three years. Till then, will have to work hard on promotion and utilize some of the techniques to increase income:

- Adding additional ad units will help a bit.

- Using ads from other ad networks along side adSense might help. Direct banner ads will help too if able to find an interested party willing to advertise here :)

- Displaying ads are not the only way to monetize a blog. Can promote and sell products and earn commissions. Promote affiliate opportunities, sell things erc. But more about this in some other posts.

3 reasons why to start a blog

These are the main three reasons why to start blogging. I have added a few quick tips how to start and what problems to face and get over with. If money is not your main reason for blogging, all you have to do is start it right now, work hard and don't give up if things are not going as expected.

Personally, I've started this blog partly as a challenge to show what I have learned from all my previous attempts, to build a successful site and partly to compare how much will achieve from planned. Things have changed quite a lot since my last attempt but this time I will not stop and I'm determined to pass over all the obstacles on the way of building this blog successful.

Monday, 9 September 2019

Old banner of an old site with a new location

This is my first post for my old blog. And this time I'll try to do it wright. (I hope!)

So it is time to start again. And where to start? Having an idea and a concept is enough for a start, but what you really need is to start working on it.

So lets start.

The easiest way to start is from top to bottom. And the top banner or a logo on a homepage might be the first thing you'll want to add on your site. I do that right now.