FREELANCER.COM (Formerly GetAFreelancer) This is one of the largest classic freelance sites and one of the oldest. It has acquired several other larger sites in the past years. Offers great opportunities for both skilled members to monetize their skills per project base or at hourly rates while helping employers outsource their job to highly skilled professionals.

Sign up is free with optional upgrades. As a free member You’ll be able to bid at 10 projects per month only, but when you get your first project done and paid, I suggest upgrade at least to a starter level or higher, giving you more bids and more chances to win a bid, get a project and get paid for it.

UPWORK.COM This site is well known in the past as Odesk. After merging with vWorker they both become what they are. Upwork offers 60 bids with a free membership. Also have an upgrade option. They have thir own time tracking software forr hourly projects. Bidding is simple as in freelancer, yet its easier to get a job while there is not such high competition lowering the price.

FIVERR.COM Is a bit different from previous two. On Fiverr freelancers offer their basic services for a fixed price (5$) and price increses if need a job done faster or in larger quantities. This is great for a  to advertize its skills and profesioanlism while earning smaller amounts for jobs easy as sharing on Twitter or  posting on Facebook.

These are 3 must join sites if You want to start as a freelacer.