Types of internet traffic

If want to succeed online you’ll need internet traffic. Large amounts of internet traffic. Either running a site, a blog, an online store, or just promoting affiliate links on social media, you’ll gonna need visitors and traffic. Internet traffic, also called web traffic is essential to spread the word about your site, your brand
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Small progress in September

Everything goes as expected in September and a small progress is made. Alexa rank in August report was 28 575 000. Had slowly dropped to 18M in the middle of the month and now is as low as 12 990 063 and dropping. This happened by increasing a blog traffic to 500 – 700
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Creating online income streams

Creating online income streams is very important if you want to be successful. Making money online is possible and inevitable if ever start building an online presence. Whatever you choose to start with, whether it is blogging, freelancing, affiliate marketing etc. it will make you money if you are dedicated to work on it.
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Monetizing a blog by displaying ads

Running a blog. Writing about something I know and like to share my knowledge. Traffic is growing and visitors coming. It is time to think about monetizing a blog. The easiest way for monetizing a blog is by displaying ads. Ads can be from an advertising network such as Google AdSense or can sell
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My 3 hours a day blogging strategy

Dear Visitor. This time I will reveal my 3 hours a day blogging strategy cycle and the exact process of creating this blog post. Hope You’ll find it useful! Working from 9-5 doesn’t allow much time for anything else. You have other obligations to do after work. Blogging might be one of them. All
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Photography day

Today, 19th August is international Photography Day. A perfect date to start a photo blog! As I said in my previous post I’m reay to start a side project. A small personal photo blog with royalty free images taken from my cell phone avilable for free without need to pay. I acquired new domain
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