Why blogging is the best online income opportunity

There are many ways to earn online. Blogging is by far the best online income opportunity. All you have to do is to is to write about something you know, something that is your passion and share your passion with audience. Sounds good. It is. Sounds easy. No it isn’t! Blogging is a very
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Time to get serious and focus on blogging

One year after restarting a blog it is time to get serious, focus on blogging and have the job done. Last year I was testing and experimenting on all fields. This doesn’t give me much time to work on the blog itself as much as I want. My goals were not set very high
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One year after blog restart

Whole year have passed since this blog restart. Many things happened meanwhile, but generally it was a year spent in testing, experimenting and not really doing the right things to do:) This is what exactly happened with this site in the last year:   Blogging back This blog originally runs on blogger/blogspot under its
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6 weeks without new content experiment

40 days has passed since I write my last post. It is almost 6 weeks without new content. Such a large gap in blogging timeline directly influence on blog traffic and authority presence and is not recommended at all. But I have to do it to see what exactly happens. Main reason for making
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Nine months of blogging

After nine months of blogging this October, everything is going as expected without significant rises and falls. Most significant change was made in Alexa rank As traffic has increased, Alexa rank move up from 13M to 4 300 000 at the end of October and still dropping. Plan is to increase traffic further more
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Getting to Alexa rank 5M

Finally making progress. Traffic is slowly increasing month by month and I was very happy yesterday when checked my Alexa rank. It was a bit less than 5M. Alexa rank in August report was 28 575 000. Had slowly dropped to 18M in the middle of September and was somewhere about 12 990 000
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