What’s about, what’s inside and how it started

Project Online Income started mainly as an effort of a blog of mine with the same name that runs on Blogger for a couple of years ago but went offline recently. This site, along with several other, put an effort to give a newbie computer user quick guides where to start looking for useful stuff on the internet, start a site, use their skills and monetize that.

PROJECT ONLINE INCOME is a place where you can find my experience thru written texts, a place where new programs and FREE opportunities are listed, oriented to finding and posting the opportunities to earn money on the net, with blog posts, links to articles and tutorials how to achieve this. Some of the content is from my old blog and other sites I’m running, but I’ll try to update this site regularly with the hottest and most usefull stuff.

On this site you can find and download my first Free ebook report in which I’m sharing my views and experience with online income opportunities. This was my first ebook ever. I hope other will follow soon.

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