Posting once in 75 days is a bad practice

Posting once in 75 days seems become my regular practice on this blog  🙄

bad practice

There are only two reasons for this. And laziness is not one of them. I’m serious.

First reason for this big gap in blogging timeline is that I was doing something else. Had been busy looking for online income opportunities that work.

Cryptocurrencies still look very promising after a huge leap and fluctuations in past months. But  I don’t stop there.

Old ways to make a buck online still works and there are some new too. Some doesn’t need expertise nor experience. Some doesn’t even require to invest time or money. Some are even set and forget. But enough for that now. More details in some other post and this time I promise it will be sooner then 75 days  😆

Second reason was to test what will happen with this blog (and any other blog) when stop creating new posts for prolonged time e.g. posting once in more than two months (once in 75 days to be exact).

Result was expected. Traffic start to drop immediately, dropping further closing to zero in past two weeks no matter how hard  is manually promoted.

Conclusion is that must create new fresh content more often or will be forgotten. If this happens, the blog is dead.

Yet, there is a way to revive it although much more effort is needed for restart and get back to the right track. If plan to spend some money on advertising and PPC things might look a bit easier.

These were the two reasons why there was not no new content posted meantime.

This time I promise myself to post more often and be consistent. Have to change my attitude first and find a couple of hours a day. When blogging about something you’re passionate and love it, you think of it as a hobby. But if think of a hobby and are good at it you can easily turn a hobby into successful business.

Why posting once in 75 days when can write new post once every 75 hours.