Importance of running a side project

Blogging (as most of the things in real life) becomes a routine and boring. No matter how passionate you are in your niche, there are times when need a relief.

It is time to run a side project

While continue working on an existing project (your niche blog) you can start another project. This can be writing content for others (e.g. “Guest blogging”), creating infographics or explanatory videos, writing an ebook or starting another site, search for inspiration and new ways of promotion etc.

You can even go offline, go on vacation and share photos, run a promotion for a local business, do anything you want and get back on your main project.

Opportunities are many. Which one you choose is up to You.


What will need for different kinds of side projects

For graphics and video will need some skills and software. If never tried before, find the apropriate tools (online tools are fine in many cases) and software (search for free and open software). Later if serious and have your skills improved greatly may buy professional one.

If you writing skill is a great, all you need are the the tools you already use it. A “word processor” (this was the original name for applications like MS Word or OO Writer) is enough. Personally for writing an ebook I recommend Open Office Writer as it has option to export your work in PDF format along with all security options like no select text, no copy, no right click, no printing etc. If want something more professional have to try some desktop publishing software such as Scribus.

Bloggers may gain exposure (and back links) by guest posting on blogs run by other bloggers. Will have to search for competitor sites, contact their owners convincing them to write for them (which is a bit tricky and not every time works), write a genuine piece of content and post it on their site if approved.

Another side project for bloggers may be searching for new ideas, or preparing content in a series of posts. A series of posts can be great way to build your content in a timeline especially if running a series of how to posts on a given subject.

If you are serious about blogging and learn how to to build audience already, may want to start another blog in different niche. This will need a few skills, tools and time, but once you start be optimistic, try your best, post regularly, promote it, gain audience. Doing the stuff correctly and consistently will bring results that might surpass your expectations.

side projects


Final thoughts

Whatever side project You choose, don’t forget your main blog. Visitors are real people and it is rude to forget them.