When you need to put your WordPress site under construction, do it with style

Usually, people will have a domain even before they know what’s their website going to look like. Even before you choose a theme for your new WordPress site, and even you’re weeks from launching it, that doesn’t mean that the domain should sit empty. You can start attracting people just a few minutes after installing WordPress. And you can do it with style. Let us show you how.

Since you have chosen to build your website on WordPress, you’ve made your online life much easier. Not only you can have your site up and running in a matter of hours, but you get to use thousands of fantastic products that go with it. There are themes and plugins which can transform your site in a few clicks. Some are free, while you will have to pay a few bucks for the others. Today, we’re about to show you a free plugin that you can start using even before launching your site.


under construction

Under Construction Page

You have heard of under construction page plugins, right? Sometimes, they’re referred to as maintenance mode plugins, and you might have stumbled upon coming soon page plugins as well. Although those may be described as different things, they’re actually the same. All those different extensions can help you create specific pages that you want to display to your users in those moments when your regular site doesn’t work.

Whether you haven’t built one yet or you’re just fixing things, you should not let people see that your website is broken or that there’s nothing up on the server. Not only you can lose visitors’ trust, but you are wasting away time and space on your server. Why wouldn’t you let visitors know that you’re still working on a theme? Why wouldn’t you let them know that you plan on publishing your site in ten days for example? How about displaying social media icons so that those users can follow you on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook while you’re still working on the last few details?

If you like the idea of an under construction page and you want to have a professionally designed one, stay with us, and we’re about to show you why Under Construction Page is the best plugin for the job.


One click makes the change

Whether you’re still a WordPress beginner or a professional designer, you can have your website in maintenance mode in just once click. Instead of manually coding the page, Under Construction Page plugin does everything for you. Just by clicking a button, you can hide your regular website and show a maintenance page.

Professionally designed themes wait for you

The developers of the plugin wanted to make things as simple as possible. So, you don’t have to select elements separately in order to design your maintenance page. Just select a theme that you like, and you will have your professionally designed responsive theme ready to serve you.

Instead of worrying about what the background image will look like on different screen sizes, and instead of trying to blend in all the colors to create a compact design, you just need to find what you like. To make that even easier, the developers of Under Construction Page decided to update the plugin with new styles every two weeks! How amazing is that?!

Customize the content

Unfortunately, the plugin won’t automatically come up with the content for you, but you’re just a few small steps away from your personalized under construction page. Add titles, subtitles, and write something on the page. Everything’s quite easy since you get to use standard WordPress editors. That means that you can attach media, and even style the content the way you like it.

Connect with your audience

To add social media icons on your new under construction page, you just need to write in the URLs. The plugin will do the rest and display your icons on the bottom. If you’re interested in how this works, please take a look at any of the demo themes


under construction

Additional options

Although you’re done with creating a personalized under construction page here, you still get to tweak the plugin to your needs.

If you want specific user roles (or even particular users) to see the normal website instead of the under construction one, you can quickly whitelist them through the settings. Other options allow you to connect Google Analytics account to the plugin to track the number of visits to your newly created page. Want the plugin to leave the maintenance mode automatically? Just enter the date from the settings page.

As this free plugin is constantly evolving, we’re eagerly waiting to see the new themes and features that we’ll get in the following weeks. The developers told us they’re preparing some exciting features that will make Under Construction Page even better, so don’t forget to hit the update button at least twice per month.



Ivan Jurisic is a regular author at WP Loop where writes about everything related to WordPress. He also works as a digital marketer at Web Factory LTD.