Why blogging is the best online income opportunity

There are many ways to earn online. Blogging is by far the best online income opportunity. All you have to do is to is to write about something you know, something that is your passion and share your passion with audience. Sounds good. It is. Sounds easy. No it isn’t!

Blogging is a very time consuming job that will take half a day or more just to do the basics. Includes a lot of different tasks on many fields which are hard to manage and do everything by yourself. Fortunately, can find help for some of the stuff and concentrate on more important tasks.

so little time for blogging

Tasks are many, about 40 as I counted recently and must do all. Some tasks must be done at the begging (setting a blog, finding a niche, choosing a suitable theme, basic onsite seo, creating strategies…), some are done once awhile in a couple of months (schedule tasks, post revisions, changing theme, look etc.), and some has to be done on daily basis every day without exceptions (such as content creation and promotion).

At start will must work harder on many fields. Will be alone, struggling to manage everything, test and experiment on all fields, analyze results and make changes to get better results. Doing all these stuff will get you confused and most likely will loose interest and give up. This is the biggest mistake you can do! Results will be disappointing in 99% of cases (I know this, have seen it so many times). Don’t give up if you didn’t achieve some progress in the first months, check where are you failing, work harder, post regularly and improve the blog itself. This will bring more traffic and improve results.

Blogging is the best online income opportunity. If done correctly may replace your daily job. But you might need years to achieve this and a few more hands to help.

blogging the best online income opportunity

Get back to blogging, what it means and its history

Blog or “weblog” is a term first announced in 1997 when first blogs appears. In next years number of blogs start to rise constantly and a real expansion happened with blogger and wordpress as two main blogging platforms now days easy to set and available for everyone. Every business site today has a blog update, not to count sites that are blogs by vocation.

There are currently about 1.145.980.000 sites, 50-75% are blogs, more than 4M posts are published daily and counting

Definition: “Blog is a discussion or information published on the internet (site) consisting of discrete, often informal texts called posts”. Modern blog posts consist not only of text, it incorporates images, photos and video too.

Information and content is crucial in blogging. That is one of the reasons why blogs are so frequently updated with new content. This is very similar to journalism and newspapers with one great difference: blogs can reach much wider audience than traditional media.

news and blogging

Similarity between blogging and journalism

Blogging has a great similarity with journalism as it has greatly evolved from it. It has to do with writing. And writing a lot on a subjects you have expertise or have passion to write about. (Those subjects are called “NICHE”). Writing about one niche is a best practice in blogging. One blog should be concentrated on only one, or just a few related niches, not about anything and everything.

Another similarity with journalism is providing a new content, news and useful information.

Third and last resemblance between those two is that promotion and advertising is involved. Promoting content you have created is a must. Everybody does it, newspapers advertises on other newspapers, televisions does it also on other media, blog owners advertise them on other blogs and sites etc. But paying for own promotion is just one side of the coin. Flip the coin and there is a revenue from ads you show on your blog and by selling your advertising space.

Showing ads and selling ad space is the main stream of income for most blogs, but there are few more.

If own a product or offer a paid service, you can sell and promote it on your blog.

Promoting products and services of other sites is another stream you can incorporate in your blog monetization strategy.

blogging online income opportunity

Best of all, it is free (almost)

Starting a blog is free and will cost you 10-15$ (to register a domain name for one year). Domain name should be related to your niche and stuff you’re writing about.

Can set up a blog for free on free hosting sites, blogspot or wordpress.com, but if want more speed and less limitation should buy a paid hosting (prices vary a lot from 2.95$ a month for a descent shared hosting up to 100$ and more for VPS, cloud hosting and more for dedicated servers). Can even host your blog on your own computer (self hosted) if have a computer to spare running your own server working 24/7, a fast internet connection and know how to set the DNS (set the domain to be visible on internet but there are tutorials and free services about this matter).

Blog is set

Choose a theme. Fix look and graphics. Add social sharing buttons. Create a blogging strategy. Set your goals. Identify tasks and make a schedule. Content comes first. Promotion and traffic is second. Don’t forget search engine optimization. Write an introduction. Make promotion graphics, banners and image content to share. Write your first post. Publish it (on the web – go online).

Blog is live

Start posting. Publish posts regularly. Post more often. Write longer posts that have sense and brings value to your readers. Use images (and video) in your posts. Promote your blog and its content. Share it on social media. Make connections with other bloggers on social media, comment and share their content. Relations with others are important for traffic growth as much as self promoting your own content.

Grow your audience and traffic

With larger audience and traffic, and more readers for your posts results will grow too. This is not an easy task to achieve. It takes time, effort and money to achieve so don’t expect any results overnight. Will take months, even years of hard work to grow a blog that has a ton of daily visitors and makes a lot of money each and every day. But the effort pays, and with blogging pays a lot more if done wright.

That is why blogging is the best online income opportunity.