17 ways to speed up wordpress blog

Site speed (site loading time) is very important factor that keeps visitors attention or make them go away before even see what you have to offer your site loads. There are many ways to  speed up a site or blog running on wordpress, but here is how the guys from pureresiduals.com do it.

How to Speed Up WordPress

Thanks pureresiduals.com for this great infographic on how to optimize and speed up wordpress blog

Having a site speed up is very important. If a visitors come to a blog and it loads slowly, visitors will leave before it loads completely. Ads and graphic content will fail to load and visitors will not see it and leave and blog owner will not have any benefit of his site. Not to mention the loss of visitors and lost profit from potential clicks on ads and affiliate links.

Fast reliable hosting is a must. But it not come cheap. VPS (virtual private hosting), managed WordPress optimized hosting plans start cost is 20$ per month and above. Much better cloud and dedicated server hosting cost five time more at least. That is the reason that majority have their blogs on shared hosting as cheapest option available. Site speed with shared hosting is the slowest of all. And if have many posts and a ton of photos and images site will load even slower.

Here comes CDN. Content Distribution Network (CDN) helps a site to speed up a blog and shortens load time a lot. Instead of one server located on the other side of the world and whole site content on one place, with CDN you get your site served on many different servers in many countries across the globe. With CDN, site will load from a location that is closest to you and much faster. If a blog is on shared hosting using a CDN will help a lot.

If your blog runs on wordpress you can improve load time by using plugins and optimize performance. But using too many plugins may slow instead of speed up a blog. In general, must have an image optimization and a cache cleaner plugin. But in practice will want more 🙂 Try, test and uninstall necessary ones. It will speed up a loading time.

If site doesn’t loads in first 3-5 seconds there is about 50% chance visitor to leave.  

This blog loads within 3.5 seconds when first set. Changed theme, new posts and graphic content resulted in load times over 15 seconds for a full post to load when I last checked last week. Had immediately make some steps. Had to optimize images, use a CDN and a couple of plugins to test and few more to abandon.