Time to get serious and focus on blogging

One year after restarting a blog it is time to get serious, focus on blogging and have the job done. Last year I was testing and experimenting on all fields. This doesn’t give me much time to work on the blog itself as much as I want.

My goals were not set very high and I’ve managed to accomplish what I’ve planned for last year. Same results can be achieved within three months or less if worked harder or been in a different niche. Never the less, I’ve got the results I planned to achieve.

A year spent on searching, learning, testing and optimizing gives me insight what has to be improved and where I have to work harder. Must focus on blogging this year.

Experimenting with content strategy, posting frequency, traffic building, seo optimization, promotion, blog design, ads, ad formats and their placement are just some of the stuff that must be tested. Optimizing for best performance is another hard task to be managed. Do it right and you’re one step closer to your goals.

All these has to be done when starting a blog, just after you publish your first post and in the first few months of blogging. To do all of this needs time, and time is precious. Doing every day tasks may not be enough. Few hours after a day work may just not be enough. Will need to work harder, and there is such a little spare time to accomplish so many things.  Have to focus on blogging and all blogging related stuff.

“Work hard. Lack of time is just an excuse” Tweet: Work hard. Lack of time is just an excuse

To be honest, I’ve set my goals lower than I could manage and that is OK for a part time blogger as myself having just a couple of hours a day available to spend on blogging. There are a lot of tasks to do and this takes hours (days even for some bigger tasks such as video content, rewriting old posts or changing a blog theme).

Lack of time is just an excuse not to work. If wish to build a successful blog I must to:

“Get serious and have the job done”Tweet: Get serious and have the job done

Create a blogging strategy and stay to it. Blogging does not mean only content creation but marketing, SEO , graphic design and much more. Set goals first. Make a list of tasks needed. Separate tasks  and goals into global (at the end of the year) and daily tasks. Making a timetable, a schedule of some kind will help a lot to stay organized and track your progress.

A complete blogging strategy consists of 4 strategies:

  • content creation strategy
  • marketing strategy
  • traffic growth strategy
  • SEO strategy

“Split the job into smaller tasks”Tweet: Split the job into smaller tasks

Smaller tasks that has to be done on daily basis are most important part of a blogging strategy. Smaller tasks are easy to do. Finish one and go to the next. This is also easier to track.

Complete blogging strategy for already setup blog incorporate many things which can be split into:

  • Search for new ideas
  • Search for content and subjects to write
  • Blog post resume
  • New blog post titles
  • Writing content
  • Creating images and video
  • Curating posts
  • Including keywords in a post
  • Publishing new posts
  • Ping new post
  • Promotion on social media networks
  • Answering on comments
  • Recycle/republish an old post
  • Commenting on other blogs and social media
  • Building relations with other bloggers
  • Guest blogging on other blogs
  • Traffic analysis
  • Other traffic growth methods
  • Choosing ad formats
  • Ads placement
  • Performance tracking
  • Optimization
  • Visual improvement
  • Onsite SEO
  • Offsite SEO
  • Offline promotion
  • Creating incentives
  • Writing an ebook
  • Running an email list and get subscribers
  • Creating a product or service
  • Monetization
  • Side projects
  • Running a second blog ?

Running all these tasks is a hard and time consuming job. But if you want to be successful as a blogger must focus on blogging completely.

“Stay focused on blogging, work hard and will succeed” Tweet: Stay focused, work hard and will succeed

All above has to be done in the next year. On a daily basis, day by day 365 days. Sounds hard! It is. Must be confident, believe in my self and work hard.

Four quoutes for successful focus on blogging

Have gathered four quotes to remind me what to do and keeps me motivated in months to come.