How to revive inactive blog and continue blogging

Its been a while since last post. Actually 75 days passed from my last one. Have to start working to revive this inactive blog immediately. This gap in blogging timeline was solely made because I was exhausted and desperately need rest from everything, including blogging. It is time to revive this inactive blog! Creating
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Back after a break with a new project

I’m back after a break in my schedule. Was on vacation? No! Was ill? No! Truth is I was been lazy! But here I am, back to blogging once again.   Have my first guest blog request on this site which I’ve accepted immediately. Had posting myself on another blogs also. I was thinking
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Importance of running a side project

Blogging (as most of the things in real life) becomes a routine and boring. No matter how passionate you are in your niche, there are times when need a relief. It is time to run a side project While continue working on an existing project (your niche blog) you can start another project. This
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How to get thousands of visitors a day for free

Either running a site, a blog, an online store, promote affiliate links on social media networks and so on you’ll need thousands of visitors a day. Visitors will not simply just come to see what you have to offer. You need to promote your site/service/affiliate program. To do this you’ll need visitors and traffic. The
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12 steps guide for testing and improving your blog

You’ve start a site. It looks nice. Have quality content. Visitors are coming… Yet something is missing. It is time for testing your blog. What has to be tested? Basically everything, but if that sounds like a too much to do, start with parts You suspect are failing in. My suggestion is to testing
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17 ways to speed up wordpress blog

Site speed (site loading time) is very important factor that keeps visitors attention or make them go away before even see what you have to offer your site loads. There are many ways to  speed up a site or blog running on wordpress, but here is how the guys from do it. Thanks
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