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May 29, 2016

Social media sharing

Social media sharing is the best way to quickly and easily spread the word about your content. Its so easy as clicking on a sharing button.

Basically social sharing can be by sharing a content or joining/following a social media profile or interest group. Buttons are same but acts different.

Types of social media buttons differs in their label but their function is pretty same. If site has implemented some form of social sharing, You click on the button for the preffered social site, a new window appears asking to log in, content is already there whatever its a plain text or image/video, just click confirm/post/like button and it is published on your social media profile, facebook group, page, pin board, rss feed etc.

Social media buttons can be separate buttons for each social site or in a form of toolbars too. In both cases they do the same thing sharing your content and presence.

Most sites have social sharing buttons implemented in their design. But it can be very easily done if not implemented yet by simply copying a few lines of code.

There are many services that offer social sharing buttons and toolbars came in different sizes and appearances. Installation and use is usually free. Exception is if you want to use some different visual style or show many other social networks beside the most used:


Tweet a post, link or rich content (combination of text, image or video) to your Twitter profile.
Or follow your profile on Twitter (becoming your follower). More followers = more chances your shared content to be viewed by your followers and if like it to be retweeted (shared to their own followers)


Like, Post or Share. First one is just a simple Like of the content. Post means posting a link or partial article with an image on your own facebook timeline. Sharing is simmilar like Post but with Share you post the content and link not on your own profile timeline but onto some of your friends or in a facebook group or facebook page. Sharing in a facebook group is one of the best methods to spread a content on facebook. This method is very used and mostly abused so don't share into facebook groups more than twice a day or your profile might be blocked (as mine was for sharing a same link 4-5 times in several facebook group at once).

Google +

This is for sharing on a google network.

You might also like to add some more:




Redd it


RSS feed

or mail to your email

Or if this is not enough might consider installing a browser addon for sharing on hundreds of others social sharing and bookmarking sites. I'm using addthis on my browser.

On this site I'm using addthis buttons at the end of every post and a floating toolbar on the left by Sumome which is great offering some other functionalites.

There are many other services besides those two.

No matter which one you choose, must use social sharing buttons to increase your presence and visibility on social media.

These are the methods in practice for Social Media Marketing (SMM), and Social Media Management (SMM). Same acronym !?

May 15, 2016

Complete recipe for online success

Every person thinking of starting an online business has to consider few things first. What has to offer, research the available opportunities, check what is currently wanted, set your goals, make a plan where to start, gather necessary resources and start working on. Staying determined and working hard is essential. This is the recipe for success both online and in real life.

This was the short version!

Things are a bit different in practice. Starting steps are the same as above. But you'll have to keep in mind many other factors too. You'll get to obstacles very often, some are easy to get over, some not. Financial problems at the start as always. Competition may be hard on you. You'll don't have enough time to do all by yourself, especially after the working day in that couple of hours you have after work. Will work in weekends and holidays. All these sounds familiar?

Don't despair. Stay determined and go on

Many online ventures quits before getting an initial results because don't follow these rules. Same is for online shops and for blogs. Most bloggers stop blogging some 3 – 6 months after starting a blog just because the they don't see any results both in traffic and monetization. This depends of the niche mostly, promotion strategy and quality of the site, its content and products. If asked, they say that don't have time, didn't worth the effort, can't manage by themselves, cost much,...

Many excuses, fewer results

These were the excuses, but what if, just if, they continue running that blog they quit!? I my self know this very good. Back in 2010, I've purchased this domain, pay for hosting and set up a static page for the main site, run as a blog on wordpress under the same domain. It works fine, have a cople of thousand visitors in those several months I've run the blog consistently and it has working more or less but doesn't make any money. Meanwhile have a new job and posted more and more irregularly till I quit. When comes time to renew the domain registration and hosting, I, with my new job and many obligations that came with it having no time at all, just quit and didn't renew. That was the biggest, dumbest mistake I've ever done online. Have saved some of the blog posts and tried to restart the site two years later running on blogspot (without the TLD) but same happened again. I made the same mistake, I quit!

Don't quit ever

This year in January have bought back this Top Level Domain (TLD), connecting the domain to my blogspot blog so now I have my old blog with the same domain back online, up and running. Finally! This was something I should done years earlier. Who knows, maybe I would have been an internet millionaire till nowdays :). I'm kidding. Neither I have that much time to work online full time, neither the resources. But running tasks step by step regularly, following the plan might give results over the expectations.

Be consistent and keep it going on

Running an online store is not a rocket science. Running a blog is child play. Just need a good quality product. By product I don't mean just a physical product as for the online shop. It could be a digital product, an ebook, a service, newsletter, video tutorial, ecourse or just a written article that brings value to the audience (blog post). This is the content in a short. Good, quality content gives the visitors some value. If the content is good enough it is more likely that they visit your site again. If purchased a good product from you and liked it they will get back and buy again or spread the word how good it is among their friends and ultimately their friends visit your site and make a purchase themselves. Same is for blog posts. If the article solves a problem its likely to return again for more info. There are so many strategies and methods for creating a good quality content and products so I'll keep this subject for some next post.

Good quality content, product, service

I'm sure you have visited some large corporation site lately. They look great and have to offer even better products. But those sites all have a blog incorporated also. By a blog (weblog) I usually have in mind a frequently updated site. Why? Because if a site is regularly updated it have only the newest fresh content which is important for visitors to see that the owner is caring for the site and what has to offer to his audience and preferably turn them into customers if they are interested in this new product. By updates, I don't mean only adding new products to a shopping site. It also means product reviews on site or corporate blog. For bloggers this means new blog posts. Depending on the niche 10 or more posts a day for news sites, 1-2 posts per day for most niches, once every few days or even once a week. This depends of the blog main subject (niche) and blogger itself. Sometimes is better to post less frequently and create a quality article.
Visual content has to be updated also. This is meant for sites offering youtube video tutorials, site images and whole site design. Don't change the site design often, once at 2-3 years is enough as visitors get to know the look of your site as your brand is build around it.

Regular updates

Having a site about your products or services is good to have. You'll have a place where to start from and where to stop by. But you don't have to own a site at all to start an online business. With social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and so on, all you have to do is to promote your stuff either it is your product, an affiliate product or service, a site you own or just a link to your recent blog post. Last time I've checked site a for social sharing I'm using their service there were some 400+ social networks listed. Probably many more. If you're using some, You know what I'm talking about. If not using any or just one, its time to share your presence on other social media sites and get noticed.

Social media sharing

Sharing content on Twitter and Facebook is easy, fast  and free. To get more exposure eg visitors you must act smart. Should research which time of the day is most effective to share a post to gain most visitors. This will give you maximum result with minimal effort. Once you did this you should always post in that period of the day. This is a small trick I had to learn the hard way and Twitter has the right analytics for this.


Your promotion strategy should not be stuck on social media only. There are many other methods , some even free, but sooner or later you'll get to the PPC (pay per click) advertising. Paid advertising is actually buying traffic (buying visits) and paying per click/visit or per CPM (per 1000 impressions/views). Google AdWords is the most known advertising network of this kind. There are many others offering PPC ad campaigns but cost is pretty high if running on budget. For small budgets I recommend facebook ads rather then AdWords.

Improve your SEO

Search Engine Optimisation is very important for every prospecting site. This is a robust subject in which I'm not an expert but not a newbie also. My advice is to keep in mind that your site has to be readable, has useful content, be visually appealing, recognizable and easy to navigate. These are the basics.

Grow your traffic

Running an advertising campaign, sharing content on social media and improving SEO are just some of the ways to increase the website traffic (visitors) to your site.

Research and analytics

Always do your homework. Make a research and analyse the results. Research what topics are trending and what is your competition running for. This can give an insight what to write about and what products you choose to sell or just promote. Making an analysis will help you find the topics, keywords, products that are most profitable and worth to have promote. Ad campaign analysis will help displaying ads from advertisers that performs best. Research will help a lot in finding similar sites running in your niche. You can learn from your competition. If want, you can contact the site owner to exchange thoughts and experiences (and links) by commenting and guest blogging or directly thru mail. This will help both sides in getting more exposure and better SEO rankings.

Engage your audience

Either promoting a product or an article, you'll have to engage with your audience (you visitors). This is easily done thru enabling comments on your site. Every visitor can put a comment on your post and you'll just need to curate it and approve it if find it useful and not obtrusive. In opposite you can visit a site and comment it in return. This is also done on social media sites and greatly help in creating relationship with similar minded people running similar sites in same or close to your niche.

Help your visitors with useful information

The truth is that people came to visit a site if they find it useful and think it can help solve a problem, otherwise whats the point to go to a site that sell computers if I need a car (unless I need a computer board for my car!?). Staying informative and offering easy understandable information that can help your visitor is one of the keys your site becomes successful.

Monetize your effort

This is one of the most important subjects when starting an online business and the main reason why many have quit if fail here or it doesn't give the expected results.

Monetization of a site can be thru displaying ads. Google AdSense is simplest by far to implement their ads into your site or blog. Can combine with other advertising networks too. This need experimenting as not all advertising networks pays same and also to see performances and a combination that works best for your site.

You can promote affiliate products on your site. This means you display ads on your site of a product or service you don't own, just make a promotion of it and get a commission if someone clicks on it, has been redirected to the main seller's site and buy from there. You don't have to do anything just cash in the commission :) Sound great. It is if you are good in promoting things. This is also called affiliate sales. Beauty of affiliate sales is that you don't even have to run a site to display your affiliate product links. You can do this, sharing on social networks directly.

You can always sell ad space on your site. Price you generally determine yourself. If agreed with the buyer you display their ads.

Selling your own products and services or running an online shop is another way to earn online. There are many sites offering a free online stores with a customized shopping cart for up to 10 – 100 products.

Besides running a site and affiliate promotion there are many other way to earn online. If have skills in something you can try as a freelancer. There are many freelance sites where you can apply for accomplishing a task or project and get paid for it. Working as a freelancer can be part time or full time, but where is the fun if you work whole day even from the comfort of your home :) unless you do something you like.

Writing reviews or articles for other blogs is another way to make some bucks. Writing paid reviews for products is a good opportunity also.

Another way is to join a competition and post your work to win some of the prizes. This can be easy as always have been photography and writing competitions of any kind usually free to join and with good prizes.

Stay organized

Running all the tasks just to have a site online You'll be soon get lost in the chaos. Make a list of daily tasks to do, make a schedule, and a spreadsheet list to write down the sites you've joined, reviewed or have to visit next.


It takes me almost five hours to write this post. During the writing, have accidentally found a broken link I was looking for quite a long and fixed it at last. Hope I didn't forget anything.

It is time to start promoting it in the next 20 hours (20-80 rule), so don't expect any new posts this week :)

Meanwhile, if You really like this post, please share it. 


May 08, 2016

Monthly overview No3

Another month has passed and here are the stats.

Traffic stats

In April I have 3009 site visits and 3662 page views. That is 100 visits vs 122 views per day maning that the sites visits grow for some 19% more than the last month. Not much, but its growing as planned.

Content and SEO stats

Last month I have four new post. I make a quick revision on some and fix the unnecessary code in the posts and pages. This gives the blog a better code to text ratio but still have to work on SEO a lot. Last month I have not done any commenting on blogs, yet have received my first comment on this blog. Thanks!

Home page authority is 24.95, and domain authority from 12.16.
Google page rank is still 0. Must start building links.
Alexa rank: 10,330,417 (minimal improvement here)
Google index: 206, Bing: 20

Building backlinks is where I must focus my efforts and work harder.

Have tried to get a backlink from Wikipedia. Have copied a part of the article from my post and posted there as a new article for a common used marketing phrase refering to this blog as source. Response was very fast. Article was recomended for deleting and was deleted 3 days later. Wikipedia has a pretty strict rules when posting new articles. The content must be original no matter it is published or not !? I should rewrite the article and try again.

Social media stats

Facebook likes: 6
Facebook shares: 23 Facebook comments: 1
Tweets: 0 (this is not accurate as I'm using a service that automatticly posts new blog posts to Facebook an Twitter, and there from to Facebook again) and doesnt count correctly. Have increased my Twitter base for another 1000+ new followers in April and going on. (Now have over 6400 twitter followers).
Google+: 3
Linkedin: 1
Pinterest: 0
Stumbleupon: 1

Sharing content in facebook groups is one of the methods most bloggers use to increase visits on Facebook. Don't do this more than twice a day or you'll facebook profile will be blocked (as mine is at this moment). Can get your profile back if you pass a profile verification by code send to your cell phone, other method is to guess facebook friends by their photos or by sending a copy of you personal ID or other identification documets (which I don't recommend to do in any case).


This blog has earned his first buck last month. As planned this means site is able to cover its domain registration fees itself. Its not much for a start and will improve in time as traffic grows. Have experimented with another ads network but it seems that they pay only for clicks. Should find another ad network to run along adSense yet not be intrusive.

May 02, 2016

My site sucks less now

In my previous post I was talking about how to fix things on my site. A week later I have make some of the changes and revisions.

First step was to check the posts for grammar and make back up post by post in separate text files locally on my desktop. It takes me an hour and half to do this for some 25 posts. This was the easier part as I open a post by post, look in the html code and delete unnecessary tags (usually div tags and some font styles that could simply be done with just a header tag).

Also read the text and made some minor changes in two or three posts just to fix typing errors. After the revision I, copied the whole html code of a post (Ctrl+A is the keyboard shortcut for copy all) and paste the content in an empty text file which I named as the post title) I've done this manually post by post for all 26 posts I have to date. Repeating the steps 26 times :)

Have done this in case something goes wrong in the next step and that will means loosing data. With this step I've managed to cut the filesize of my blog for some 10-12KB which is not much but its not bad at all as smaller size makes the site load faster.

During this step I've also checked the pages and here lays the problem. There are many pages some interconnected, some empty and some with broken links. Best way was to make their back ups same way as the post. I did this but it not solving the problem. The best was to delete them all and leaving just a few pages and then fix the navigation links in the template code. I was thinking to do this but didn't. Must be very careful doing this or the whole navigation for internal pages will go down the stream. So I skipped this for now.

Second step was to make the backup onsite. Blogger has its backup option under the TEMPLATE tab. This option is for making backups of your theme/template but will back up blog posts and pages also without making any changes to your current template. This means the design (blogger theme) stays the same at this time.

Changing the template and working from a scratch is maybe a better option to fix most of the issues including a template excess code. This would be the third step.

First I need to find a theme that suits my needs, have the look I'll like and have some social sharing buttons. A theme that is lightweight and still visually appealing while SEO friendly. Finding such a theme/template need a few days searching, a bit testing and finally implementation. Changing a theme is a few minutes work, but setting it will need a couple of hours to do all the things correctly, test the navigation links and make changes in the design. This step takes some time so I'll leave this for some other time for now.

April 26, 2016

What should I do when noticed my site sucks

Imagine you have a site. You put all the effort you can. Do all the things supposed to do to improve SEO, engage on social media, build an online presence, build links and still there are no significant results. I have doing all these with little or no results at all. Then I noticed that my site sucks. Yes, something is wrong with it. Now is the time to panic or just give up. But that is not the solution, after months spent on building something that should have worked but simply is not working at all at this time (or just look like that). With so much time and effort spent I cant give up and waste everything. I have to do something about it right now.

It is time for a revision

First I can do is to check the content.

Have to check blog posts for syntax errors, spelling, eliminate missing letters, fix errors, formatting, check links, add photos and video, delete or rewrite parts of a post or the whole post etc. This is a content revision. Sometimes I have to read a whole post twice to see and fix a thing missing. Having a few posts is easier but doesn't need to hurry and if you have large number of posts and they are pretty large, you can fix one or two a day till fix all of them.

Code revision came next

This means I have to check the posts for unnecessary html code, css styles, javascripts, html tags in the posts them self, check internal links, outbound links, find broken ones and fix them, add alt tags to images etc. Next is to check the code of the template/theme. Here lays the problem in my case. After checking the theme I have noticed a long long encrypted!? part full of some javascript code that was so long that it is almost half of the theme code. What is this I don't know exactly. I suppose it is an internal links navigation system but it is way too long and makes the whole blog larger in size and makes it load much slower.

Decreasing the size of the code will increase site load rapidly, making the blog load faster and the visitors will see the full content quickly instead only a portion of it and leave before the rest appears. Decreasing code size will help to improve code vs text ratio which is one of parameters relevant for search engines and google page rank.

On site SEO

Checking links, repairing broken links, adding alt tags to images and improving code/text ratio are some of the methods for on site search engine optimization.

What I have to do next

Checking the content and fixing it while delete unnecessary html code in blog posts is something I can do immediately and doesn't need some particular knowledge just a little time. Some of the onsite SEO techniques will be more time consuming as I have to search for broken links and fix them one at a time for example. But the code revision in whole bothers me most. Current theme I'm using is a bit old fashioned and not particularly SEO and code friendly. As I don't want to mess with the theme's code, logical solution is to change the theme with another one having much cleaner code but yet visibly appealing. Changing the theme will solve a lot of problems and completely change the look of the site. I can revert to some of the classic blogger themes which is far more easier to do and they usually are very lightweight but need additional fixes or to find something ready made with more modern look and functionality. I'm thinking about the second, but still have not decided.

Whatever I do, I need to make a back up first. Blogger and Wordpress (and most paid hosting solutions) have the option to make backups of the complete site/blog. I'll use this option but being a little paranoid is not a bad thing sometimes. I'll copy and paste the all posts and pages and save them as text files, download the images, downloading the whole blog in a folder just in case. This double backup will allow me to have all my blog content safe in case the theme change and conversion don't go well and some parts of the blog gone missing. I'll just have to paste the blog posts back in their place.

I'm planning to change the theme soon, so don't be surprised if next time you visit this blog it looks different.

April 19, 2016

My list spreadsheet I am using to stay organized

Staying organized is essential for anyone especially for an aspiring affiliate marketers and bloggers. You’ll need to visit and join hundreds of sites, remember login details and passwords and referral url’s. One way is to write it down on a piece of paper. The better option is to create a spreadsheet file in OpenOffice or in MS Excell. Second option is far much better because you can categorize sites and other data into categories, have just to click to open a link and go to desired site, copy/paste login details and there you are. Can even password protect the file for additional security. I prefer free software – OpenOffice but the whole procedure is very simmilar in MS Excell. Have created a quick video on how to create the list by yourself and full description.

Creating the spreadsheets

Open OpenOffice – New Spreadsheat file

By default there are only 3 spreadsheets (Spreadsheet1 / Spreadsheet2 / Spreadsheet3). Point the cursor on one of them and create 2 more. Now you have 5 blank tabs / spreadsheets.

Right click on the tab – Rename

Rename all five tabs

1st tab – MY SITES. This is reserved for details of the sites you run, domain registrars, emails, payment processors etc.
2nd tab – SOCIAL MEDIA. List os social sharing sites (social networks)
3rd tab – ADVERTISING. List of advertising networks eg AdSense alternatives
4th tab – AFFILIATE SITES. Sites you’ve joined and have promote their affiliate programs
5th tab – SITES TO VISIT. List of sites you need to visit. Bookmark will do also but better to have it in a list for that specific purpose only.

Basicly you must have those five categories but can add later as many as needed such as Online tools, Payment options, Directories, Forums, Competitor sites,…

Populating with data

First insert a quick legend in to the spreadsheet/s. Add these titles, each in separate column as in the image and populate the fields:

SITE NAME – Name of the site. For example MY SITE
SITE URL: Url of the site ( Type it all with http://. This will allow you to open the site directly in your broser by clicking or double clicking on the url.
USERNAME: Username required for login
PASSWORD: Password required for login
AFFILIATE URL: Url with your affiliate link – the link you share to get comissions if someone join or buy (looks like or simmilar). You get the idea.
DESCRIPTION: Describe the site, what is about, its service etc
NOTES: Additional notes about the site

You can add additional columns such as google page rank, user rating, date joined, additional urls etc.

Creating this list will take you some 10 – 15 minutes but will make your life much easier as you’ll have all your links at one place organized into categories while you’ll have more time to concentrate on other tasks in your daily routine. You can get the ready made one here

April 10, 2016

Seven phrases to keep in mind

Content is king

This is one of the most used phrases among bloggers, marketers, internet gurus. It was the title of article originally written by Bill Gates back in 1996.

Today, after 20 years this is absolutely true and something you can't pass by. Whether content is online published text, PDF file, photo, image, software, online service, webinar containing sound or video it is content and it is meant to be shared with others – the audience whether is free or has a price. If you have a blog must have content eg blog posts, if running a site selling products must have content eg products, images of the products and their descriptions. Not to mention news sites, article directories etc. Social media are widely included also as a quick way to share content among users.

Content itself should be compelling and bring value to the audience it is meant to. If the content is very good, useful or interesting it can bring lot of buzz about itself, a lot of people get interested in, which means a lot of visitors, leads and preferably customers. Content can be monetized by itself by purchasing, revenue sharing or affiliate marketing.

Money is in the list

This is a commonly used phrase in online marketing. The phrase itself is meant for email marketing and building mailing lists but not stops there. Mailing list is a valuable marketing tool which consists of a list of emails from users that sign up for a mailing list and agree to receive mails from the owner of the mailing list about news, updates etc. The owner have to send just one email to 10000 users once to reach 10000 people. Minimal costs and maximum effect.

On the other hand if you want to stay organized you have to do some kind of list. List of useful sites, sites that you joined, list of online tools, list of competitors etc. Make a list to stay organized. I can help you with this list. My next post will be about this subject.

Act now

If you have an idea nobody utilized yet act fast and get it live before someone else do that. Don't waste time and get to action. For a start write down your idea on a piece of paper, set your goals, check resources and tools needed. Search for tutorials and how to articles. Youtube tutorials might help also. If need help ask on the social media or hire a freelancer. If money is the issue try crowdfunding your project at Kickstarter. Act now and be the first.

First one always gets the bigger piece of the pie.

Know your enemy

The original phrase came from Sun Tzu's Art of War and is meant for something else but in marketing world means: Know your competition. Having a competition in your niche is generally a good thing as most of the competitors are nice people interested in similar subjects. You can make good relations to other bloggers in your niche, guest blogging on their sites and exchange personal views and experiences which help both sides. If want to stay away, you can check their SEO rankings, do a keyword research and even check where their traffic came from. This does no harm and can give insight what to write about and where you stands in reaching the goal, leading to more visitors and money.

There is no such a thing as free lunch

Don't lie to yourself, there is no such a thing as a free lunch. Either it is free for you, someone else has paid for it. Same is online. You have joined a free service and it works fine. You work hard and it works better. Yeah it really works. Well... No. You concentrate on that particular service which is free and doesn't require any payments, but have option for paid upgrade that offers more functionality and cuts the time to achieve the same result. May continue using the free one or upgrade and boost result. Same thing is for hosting you have a free hosting service which have limitation in speed/bandwidth, file size and some file formats are not allowed and a paid one which offer unlimited bandwidth, higher speeds and lot of additional features. Running a PPC campaign to get visitors might give the desired result but not cheap and if want quality have to pay even more. These are only few examples.

Everything has to be paid in money or time.

DIY (do it yourself)

If you've ever started building your online presence whether it is a blog or social media, you know how time consuming, hard and sometimes boring can be, especially if you doing all by yourself. How can possibly one person can do all the job! Content is personal and nobody can write your article better then yourself. You can create your graphics too, there are tools. Might have do promotion also. And then you'll get stuck. I know now. One person can't do the job all alone. Must automate tasks (usually social media exposure) and get every help he can. Asking a friend for a help is first option. Offering a revenue sharing might help building a team. But if you need an expert to get the job done professionally you have to hire a freelancer.

Think outside the box

Imagine internet as a box. The box is constantly growing. So how can you get out of the ever growing box? The only way is to accept some already proven ways of getting things done, combine a set by yourself and stick to it. Exception is if you have a really brilliant idea nobody think of. In this case act quickly and bring your idea into life as soon as possible no matter the costs.

Whatever You do - STAY POSITIVE

April 03, 2016

Monthly overview No2

Another month has pass. Its time for a brief stats and planning for next period.

Traffic stats

In March I have over 2523 visits and 3034 page views. That is 81 visits vs 98 views per day. Visits came from 88 different countries. Visits came mostly from desktop systems, windows os mainly.

Total traffic in March has increased about 280% since February. This increasing was expected but still most of the traffic is not organic SEO driven and visits came from social media and other sites. Yet progress is made but slowly.
Must increase traffic. First is to increase social media presence as currently I concentrate my main efforts at Twitter, slowly increasing efforts to post on Facebook and other social networks. Have to build backlinks also. Guest blogging seems like the best option to do that. Must try it. Should try buying traffic. This has to work, but also costs. Expect a post about this matter.

Content and SEO stats

Since last month when the HTML size was 40.14KB, now in March it increased to 43.14KB (three new posts meanwhile increased the size) which is above average but still loads quickly enough. Some broken links and few internal links that are not seo friendly are still an issue need to be corrected. Had removed meta keywords. Currently blog has still a grade B ranking and SEO score: 69 which is not bad and can be improved.
Website Seo score checker

Due to the small number of posts last month (only three posts in March), I was not expecting any SEO improvements, but there are some.

Home page authority has grown from 20 to 22, and domain authority from 10 to 12 according to MOZ.
Google page rank is still 0 but might be improved this month with correct link building techniques.
Alexa rank: 10,575,159
Google index: 125, Bing: 20
Building backlinks is where I must work harder in the next period. Current backlinks:
Google: 0 !?
Bing: 0
Alexa: 3
MOZ: 10 
I don't know which one to believe :)

Social media stats

Facebook likes:

Facebook shares: 22 Facebook comments: 1
Tweets: 0 (this is not accurate as I'm using a service that automatticly posts new blog posts to Facebook an Twitter, and there from to Facebook again) and doesnt count correctly. Have increased my Twitter base for another 1000+ new followers in March and going on.
Google+: 3
Linkedin: 1
Pinterest: 0
Stumbleupon: 1

A small progress is made here too. I'm using few more social networks occasionally and analytics for all of them is hard to find and post for all of them. Some other social sites I've used in March are: Digg, RedIt, Klout and several more as I have a social sharing toolbar installed on Mozilla browser which has an opportunity to share a page post to about 300 different social sites one at a time and I used more then 20 of them.

Will try to improve my presence on Facebook, join some facebook groups or even create a page. A friend of mine uses only Facebook for promotion and is satisfied. Should follow his steps.


Last month this blog has earned only 0.13$. This because I've turn off adsense in the first week of March, to test other advertising networks, alternatives to adsense, direct advertising, banner and traffic exchanges. Soon turning back to adsense combined with another one. Thinking of buying traffic eg starting a Google AdWords campaign. Or buying Facebook likes :)

March 28, 2016

700 words about TWITTER and how to use it

Starting its service in 2006 and growing constantly, Twitter has proved to be one of the most valuable social networks for marketing and promotion. In short, all you need is to grow your followers (audience) and tweet interesting stuff that has value to your followers in topics you choose to tweet (post) about. This means that if your tweets are about SEO and emarketing you should try to recruit like minded followers, people interested in particular subjects such as: online and offline marketers, SEO experts, marketing agencies, affiliate opportunities, webmasters, designers etc. 
Important thing is to follow back. You can not only have followers without being a follower yourself. If you do this you'll quickly get to twitter limitations and stuck there until figuring out how to get out of there and start building a good quality relations with your followers and growing their number at a slower rate and taking in mind the ratio of the number of people you follow to the number of people who follows you. Its good to have more followers than people you follow. This following/followers ratio is important and the greater it is (more followers less following) send a signal that your tweets are valuable and interesting building your influence stronger and raise possibility to get more new followers organically.
You have to build connection with your follower. Not all of them (you cannot possibly think to talk with every follower you have especially if have several thousands or more) but some of them. Direct Messaging (DM) is the tool that enable you to send direct message to a follower and start conversation. I'm sure you'll find interesting like minded people on Twitter and build strong relations. Who knows, You might even get new friends and business partners here.


Tweets are actually posts in 140 characters/letters or less. You can include text and add a link. You can add photos and embed video. Tweets including images gets a greater exposure and usually gets more impressions and interactions. If you have many followers its likely some of them have seen your tweet. But as all of them can not be online at the same time, You'll have to post several times in different parts of the day to be sure more people see your tweet. You can ask your followers to retweet your tweet. You can retweet the same/similar tweet again a day or two or at later date. You should explore the best time to tweet and retweet, which can be done thru built in analytics.


If you find your followers tweet valuable and interesting, you can retweet it. It is easy as clicking only one button – retweet. By clicking the retweet button, You share the tweet of one person to all your followers. Ability to retweet and ask others to retweet your content is the true power of Twitter.


Similar as retweet suggesting you like the tweet.

Hashtags (#something_goes_here)

These are a kind of shortcuts calling to an action such as: #retweet, #follow, #followback etc. But they are not limited to this. Hashtags can be used as keywords. Great if searching for something inside Twitter.


Can create a list of people following a certain topic. Can join other people's lists or create your own. Can create up to 1000 lists per user. Lists can be public or private. Analytics Built in analytics hive an insight of the number of your tweets/retweets, impressions, profile visits, mentions, number of followers. But its not limited here. Can view impressions and interactions per tweet. Can view and analyze your audience. Can estimate the time when to tweet and retweet and maximize your tweets exposure.


Get notifications about tweets you are mentioned, likes, notifications if new followers gained.


Allows to send direct messages and start conversations with your followers and other users

These are the most of the aspects Twitter has to offer. Its simple yet powerful.

Twitter is one of the easiest to use social media with a great exposure and large number of users. Twitter have currently about 332 million active users according Wikipedia.

If you're not using it yet, its time to start and get start fast.

March 21, 2016

Four reasons for gaps in blogging timeline

There was two weeks past since my last blog post. Gaps between blog posts in your blogging timeline are not a good thing and might get your site forgotten, but sometimes its better to rest awhile other then be persistent and consistently post poor quality articles. The gap between posts can be used in various ways but basically there are only four options and they are cross connected with the cause-results:

1. Rest awhile, while planning your next steps

2. Work hard following an established strategy to achieve goals

3. Make a research, analyze and experiment

4. Don't do anything and forget blogging

Resting after a hard work is good. You can spend your time for planning your next steps. But doing that while not working anything will get you nowhere but to option 4 and then it is too late. So don't be too romantic and optimistic with your plans, things might not become as you are planing and to achieve results you must get things done one step at a time. Enough of resting its time to get to work.

Second option is doing your daily routine on steroids. Following social medias, promoting your content, link building, preparing future content, improving SEO, driving traffic, enhancing look of your site etc. You have a plan and just follow the steps. Do everything you do but do it harder on a larger scale. Be more aggressive with your promotion. Try to advertise on more channels. Test available methods for getting more visitors and try new ones. Doing all this will get you to option 3 sooner or later.

Researching and analyzing as a preparation for a step 2 is what I did in last 14 days. I literary visited 1000 sites, have downloaded 40+ ebooks and joined some 20+ sites. I'm serious, I've done this in the past two weeks and that was I do most of the time.

I was concentrate my research mostly on topics and sites about increasing traffic, online income opportunities, affiliates, SEO and social media. But haven't not stop there and gone beyond related topics and niches.


When visiting a site, I check if it has any interesting to offer, if does, have read it or bookmark it for later reading. If has a free ebook to offer interested in, fill the opt-in form and get the free ebook or report. Have joined some sites just to see what they have to offer and does it works at all. Have subscribed to mailing lists for weekly reports about SEO, site building, social media trends, news and so on.

Why? To see what is working and what is not. 

Analyzing the working programs is not a rocket science, its common sense. In these journey of mine have found several affiliate sites that promise 1000s visitors daily for 1$ or residual 100$ daily every day after you pay subscription. One dollar !? OK, I'll risk it and pay the membership/subscription just to see how it works. But what If the membership costs 50$ a month every month? I don't think I'll risk that much for something I'm not sure its working and looks risky. Even if it work its too expensive and not for me right now. In this case I'll try finding reviews about that site/program, read users opinions if available (there are many forums on these topics) and in case there are not complaints then I should consider joining in future when I'll be ready to risk investing 50$ while still is a possibility to waste money for nothing and not necessary since there are many free alternatives out there. Internet is a large place and should not be a problem to find a free stuff about similar subjects. If find a free one OK, if not, paid programs often offers a free trial period to test their program. Majority of sites offers a free and paid member plans. Its better to start a free program as a free member and after a time when You're sure its working, to upgrade membership and use its full potential, increased commissions and available tools.

But first must join to see it in action

Whether it is a useful online tool, affiliate sales site or anything else test it first. If can not check the user reviews.

Experimenting is what makes life interesting and experience growing 

I was curious what free methods of driving traffic exists and how effective they are. So I've put them on test. Have experimenting with ad exchanges and it does not give the desired results so I'll soon ban this unless I found a working alternative to the one I use right now. Have experimenting with several other methods for driving traffic that many webmasters use, some does bring results, some don't. Should analyze and use the working techniques.

Already joined several affiliate sites – sites that offer affiliate programs and pays you for referring other members to join. I was member in some of them for several years but not put any effort in promoting so some of them become populated and its hard now to get new referrals. In this case should back on searching new ones that promise to become popular soon and promote them to recruit new affiliates increasing income potential and commissions.

You must do your research, analyze and experiment when you have to and preferably more often. This can give you ideas how to create an effective strategy to achieve your goals. Test and compare similar programs and choose the best one. Sometimes to have a quality must pay a little more and in most cases it worth the money, but a free alternative is always good for a start. Experiment if possible, but be careful not to harm the working methods while tryng new ones that work with old already proven. Don't discourage if something is not working, repeat your research again, analyze and experiment and I'm sure will find the exact working formula that will bring success and increase your knowledge, influence and income as your skills as internet savvy improves. And try to minimize the gaps in blogging timeline.

Now, you are ready to go to option two and get to work, or if tired of reading this rest a bit but don't forget to get back and prepare your next blog post or you'll become to lazy and fail on half way to success and nobody wants that.